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Open content, a neologism coined by analogy with "open source", describes any kind of creative work, or content, published under a license that explicitly allows copying and modifying of its information by anyone, not exclusively by a closed organization, firm or individual. The license used for this purpose is usually a copyleft license which allows re-distribution and re-use. Furthermore, any creative work or content that has been released to the public domain by its copyright holder, or whose copyright has expired, is open content as well.

Open content can be text, data, images, videos, or any other media. The world's largest open content project is Wikipedia and the largest open content image repository is Wikimedia Commons. Wikis are well suited for the collaborative collection and development of open content.

Everyone can freely reuse, modify and create derived works from open content, provided that they follow the terms of the license.

This wiki[edit]

This wiki, Spanking Art, is open content like its "big sister" Wikipedia.

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Smallwikipedialogo.png This page uses content from Wikipedia. The original article was at Open content. The list of authors can be seen in the page history. As with Spanking Art, the text of Wikipedia is available under a copyleft license, the Creative Commons Attribution Sharealike license.