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Bad girls punished on all fours (photo: Asa Jones).


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Artwork by Euticus.

The on-all-fours position is a spanking position. In this position, the spankee gets down on all fours – i.e., on hands and knees (or on elbows and knees, in which case it is also called knee-elbow position). This can be done either on the plain floor, or on a carpet, blanket, cushion or mattress placed on the floor, or more elevated on a bed or couch. With any kind of padding under the spankee's knees the position is less uncomfortable.

This position will present the spankee's buttocks to the spanker. It allows the spankee a considerable amount of freedom, which can make it difficult to keep in good position during the spanking. In particular, it is tempting for the spankee to thrust his/her body forward as a reaction to a hard blow, and/or in an attempt to escape the next spank. It is also easy and thus tempting to move their knees, getting out of the position.

The spanker can hold the spankee's shoulder/nape of the neck, or place a free hand on the lower back to help the spankee stay in position. For a spankee, staying in the on-all-four position may seem to be a trial. Thus, a good spanker may play on this theme by coaching the spankee to stay in position.

The spanker can also secure the spankee by tucking his/her head/neck between the spanker's legs (see head-between-legs position), or by locking the spankee's waist between his legs (see waist-between-legs position). In both cases, the spanking is then given from "above" rather than the usual sideways direction. The on-all-fours-version of the reverse riding position, in which the spanker is "riding" the spankee backwards, is another variant.

Other use[edit]

The on-all-fours position is also popular in BDSM as it puts the submissive in a low position in which they can only crawl. It can be used to humiliate a slave, and also to mimic a four-legged animal in human animal roleplay.

In erotic spanking, the on-all-fours position also provides access to the genitalia, particularly when the legs are spread somewhat. It can be used in combination with anal play and other sexual stimulation, such as masturbation and intercourse.


  • The lunge position is similar, but the spankee is on hands and feet, with his/her knees off the ground. This is an advanced position requiring modest athletic skill.
  • The knee-chest position is a variation of the on-all-fours position, where the spankee kneels and then lowers his/her head and chest to the floor or bed. In this manner, the bare bottom sticks up into the air. The knee-chest position presents the spankee in an vision of supplication.
  • The side-of-bed position is another variation of the on-all-fours position, where the spankee kneels on the floor and places head/arms on a bed. The spanker stands and spanks at a 45 degree angle. In this position, the spankee may have full view of the implement rising and falling, which may heighten anxiety.
  • Many items of spanking furniture position the spankee in a similar kneeling pose with their torso resting e.g. on a suitable spanking block or spanking bench.

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