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A bottle of peanut oil.

Oil is a generic term for a slippery organic liquid that is not miscible with water (hydrophobic) but miscible with other oils (lipophilic). The term oil comes from Latin oleum (olive oil). Oils differ from fats in that they are liquid at ambient temperatures (or slightly warmer), whereas fats are solid at these temperatures.

To oil means to cover a surface with oil, e.g. "to oil a wooden board". Oiling is done for various reasons such as improving the look and feel of a surface, or lubrication (reducing friction).


Some vegetable oils are edible and used for cooking and food preparation.

Oil can be used as a fuel for lamps or engines.

In art, oil paint is used by artists for painting.

Mineral oil is used for many purposes, including skin care (baby oil).

Oil is also used in some religious ceremonies of blessing (anointment).

Oil, sex and spanking[edit]

Applying oil to your partner's or your own skin, or getting oiled up by your partner, can be an erotic experience. It is good for massage and can also greatly improve masturbation and sexual intercourse. You can use massage oil, baby oil, or any vegetable oil of your choice for this purpose. Oil applied to the body is particularly pleasant if it is warmed up (watch the temperature!).

However any products made of rubber or latex must never come in contact with oils as their material will be damaged and destroyed by oil. So if you use a condom or a sex toy made of a rubber or latex based material, never use any oil or oil-based substance for lubrication; instead, use water-based lubricants.

Rubbing oil on a spankee's buttocks can also be an erotic experience for both partners and can enhance a spanking because it makes the buttocks smooth, wet and slippery. A light application of oil on the buttocks often increases the sensation of a spanking. Oil or oil-based lotions can also be rubbed on the buttocks after a spanking.

Oil can also be good for the care of wooden spanking implements such as unvarnished wooden spoons, paddles or canes. Rattan canes can be made more supple and at the same time heavier and more stingy by dropping linseed oil on their ends and letting drop by drop slowly be absorbed by the spongy material.

Baby oil can be used for ageplay such as diapering.

Finally, e.g. in BDSM roleplay, castor oil can also be used orally as a laxative or anally as an enema (warning: health risks!).

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