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Office spanking (photo: Asa Jones).
Posed office spanking scene.

An office is generally a room or other area in which people work, but may also denote a position within an organization with specific duties attached to it (referred to as: officer, office-holder, official); the latter is in fact an earlier usage, office as place originally referring to the location of one's duty. When used as an adjective, the term office may refer to business-related tasks. In legal writing, a company or organization has offices in any place that it has an official presence, even if that presence consists of, for example, a storage silo rather than an office.

An office is an architectural and design phenomenon and a social phenomenon, whether it is a tiny office such as a bench in the corner of a "Mom and Pop shop" of extremely small size (a.k.a. small office/home office) through entire floors of buildings up to and including massive buildings dedicated entirely to one company. In modern terms an office usually refers to the location where white-collar workers are employed.

Offices and spanking[edit]

When used in a spanking art context an office normally refers to a room set aside for a particular person of authority to work in. A subordinate who has committed a wrong may be ordered to report to their superior's office, where they can expect to be rebuked, and in the case of grave offenses, possibly punished.

Such offices will often be equipped with a desk, chair(s), writing material, cabinets and/or shelves.

Teacher's office[edit]

Norman Rockwell's Girl with Black Eye (1953)

The name of the office might be referred to by the person's position, such as Principal's Office, or Dean's Office, or simply by the teacher's name if their role is not bigger than being the class teacher. It is not the same place as the teacher's classroom, even in cases where the classroom is assigned solely to that teacher.

Used as a setting, such an office is normally considered a private alternative to an on-the-spot spanking in the classroom or schoolyard.

In a school setting when talking about "The Office"—as opposed to the aforementioned types—they are probably referring to Administration Office which typically has little role in school punishments beyond a student having to report there to collect a tardy slip when they arrive late. Though the Lost and Found is probably operated out of it, and many play a role in some scenarios; such as stealing.

Boss's office[edit]

An office is also a common setting for the adult scenes of boss/secretary or supervisor/employee (see also boss/employee).

Office videos on Spanking Tube[edit]

Spanking videos[edit]

Office spanking aftermath (photo: Asa Jones).
Fictional office of FBI Special Agent Fox Mulder from the TV series The X-Files.
A big and heavy wooden desk can emphasize the authority of the person working in that office.
  • Russian Slaves #57: Punishment of Secretaries (Nettles Corporation, 2008)
    • Retitled: Trouble in the Office 1 (57a) and Trouble in the Office 2 (57b)
  • Secretarial Tea-Leaf (Moonglow North)
  • Secretaries (Red Stripe)
  • Secretaries in Trouble (Harmony Concepts, 1998), Bobbie Tawse
  • Secretary (Nu-West/Leda Productions)
  • Secretary Bondage 1-6 (, 1998-2004)
  • Secretary, Moonglow Style (Moonglow)
  • The Secretary / The Shoplifters / Getting Ready (Moonglow)
  • Sore Feelings at the Office (Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment), Tori Sinclair, Artemis Antone, Randi Storm, photos
  • Slave Labor "9 to 5" (B&D Pleasures) - Mistress Gemini (Belinda Clark), Lena Ramon
  • Snow Spanks Sky in the Office (Spanking Sorority Girls), Snow Mercy, Sky Terrapin, photos
  • Spank of America (Spanking Veronica Works), Veronica Ricci, Christy Cutie, Natalie Rose, banking office story, photos
  • Spanked Employees (Bizarre Video, 1989) - Rick Savage
  • Spanked Secretaries No: 1 - Antonia (Strictly English) - Leia-Ann Woods
  • Spanked Secretary: Learning from Her Mistakes (I Heart Spankings, 2022), Stevie Rose, photos
  • Veronica & Phoenix Office Spankings (Spanking Veronica Works), Veronica Ricci, Phoenix Askani, hair pulling, photos
  • Veronica Spanked in the Office (Spanking Veronica Works), Julie Simone, Veronica Ricci, photos
  • Whacked at Work (Moonglow)
  • What a Job (Harmony, 1986)
  • Working Girls (Bobbie's DropSeats)
  • Workplace Discipline (I & II) (Ohh Tee Kay Productions)
  • Workplace Diversions (Harmony, 1998)

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