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The spanking scene

Of Human Hearts is a movie from 1938, directed by Clarence Brown.


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Young Jason Wilkins (Gene Reynolds) has a stern but loving preacher father, Rev. Ethan Wilkins (Walter Huston), and a doting mother, Mary Wilkins (Beulah Bondi). Jason is highly intelligent and outgoing, but also proud and stubborn. His father must often beat him with a leather strap for his impertinence, pride, and rudeness. As a young man (James Stewart), Jason falls in love with beautiful Annie (Ann Rutherford). When Jason's father takes him circuit riding, Jason rebels at the bad food and awful living conditions, and has a fistfight with his father. This ruptures their relationship.

Jason goes to medical school, and becomes a doctor. He is increasingly neglectful of his parents, and when his father dies he arrives too late to speak with him one last time. Despite his mother's poverty, Jason repeatedly asks her for money, forcing her to sell her silver spoons, and eventually her wedding band, for food. The American Civil War breaks out, and she must sell Jason's beloved horse Pilgrim to pay for his fancy $70.00 officer's uniform. When Jason fails to write to her for 2 years, Mrs. Wilkins assumes that he is dead and writes a letter to President Abraham Lincoln (John Carradine) asking for information in locating his grave. Lincoln issues an order requiring the young captain to appear before him without delay. Jason arrogantly assumes that he is about to be commended for his actions as a battlefield surgeon. Instead, with the two of them alone in his office, the President accuses him of possessing the worst human quality of all, ingratitude.

The spanking scene[edit]

Jason is made to fetch his father's razor strop and is taken to the woodshed, to which he cooperates although he claims that he didn't do anything wrong. His father still feels he must give him his spanking and they go inside the shed. After Jason gets into the classic OTK position, his father decides to drop the strop and gives his boy only a light hand-spanking over the seat of his trousers (M/m).

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