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Oak Ridge Eight is a spanking novella created by Simon J. Kirby and "Eleanor Cartwright". Released into the public domain on April 17 2019, the book is a tribute to the Great British Spanking Pulps of the 1960s. Having the appearance of a cheaply-printed softcover novel (published by the fictitious "Lainsbury Press" of "Courtland County, Dawnside"), the story is available for free download from Archive.org, where it is listed under the "Men's Magazines" category. Featuring a long, rambling storyline complete with spelling errors and typographical misprints, Oak Ridge Eight is divided into nine distinct chapters followed by an advice column and letter pages.


At barely sixteen years of age, Vanessa Norman believes herself to be the only teenager in Oak Ridge to receive regular OTK spankings. All of this changes one evening when she inadvertently witnesses her close friend Marylin being paddled over her Father's knee. Realizing that she is not alone, Vanessa begins to investigate the rumors she's been hearing around high school; tales of bare bottomed humiliation too shameful to discuss in mixed company.

As the story progresses, Vanessa discovers that no less than seven of her closest friends are subject to parental discipline, often under the most painfully embarrassing of circumstances. With each new revelation, Vanessa begins to suspect that spanking is far more common in Oak Ridge than she initially thought, and eventually comes to believe that she's been getting off rather lightly compared to others within her circle.


Contents page.

• Vanessa "Nessa" Norman: the main character through whom the primary narrative unfolds. The story opens with Nessa pleading for clemency after her Father decides she requires a "good, long spanking over his knee."

• Marylin "Mary" Robinson: Vanessa's close friend; a neighbor residing several houses down the road. Somewhat reluctant to discuss her "dark secret", she opens up after Nessa admits that she is also spanked on a regular basis.
• Veronica "Ronnie" Stephens: A junior in high school, Ronnie has been subjected to extremely thorough bare-bottomed spankings since her Mother remarried a military veteran.
• Elizabeth "Liz" Stephens: Ronnie's younger sister, considered the "baby" of the family. She was actually the first girl in the Stephens' household to go over her step-father's lap, an event witnessed by her older sister.
• Caroline "Carol" Lane: another of Vanessa's close neighbors, Carol is disciplined exclusively by her strict but caring Mother. As her spankings always take place in the living room, her greatest fear is that one of her friends will drop by for a visit at the most inconvenient time possible.
• Teresa "Terri" Rawlings: A shy, somewhat introverted girl living on the affluent north side of town. Suffering the most intense spankings of Nessa's group, she goes to extreme lengths to avoid any discussion of the matter.
• Cynthia "Cindy" Lawson: described as both precocious and wayward, Cindy is well acquainted with the paternal knee, being spanked on average at least once per month. Her frequent attempts to forestall the inevitable often lead to a brisk encounter with the paddle.
• Michelle "Shelly" Bryant: while docile, popular and generally well-behaved, Shelly nevertheless undergoes traditional punishment from both her parents (though more often from her Father). It is implied that she has come to enjoy her spankings almost as much as she fears them.

Cover Blurbs[edit]

Back cover.
  • "No, Daddy, PLEASE, I'm SORRY!! I don't WANT to have my bottom SMACKED!!"
  • To the casual observer, the quiet rural township of Oak Ridge seems a vision of paradise. But paradise always comes at a cost, and a wave of juvenile delinquency has spread across the tranquil village over the past year, led by the irrepressible Vanessa Norman. Faced with a barrage of chronic misbehavior, the towns' residents decide to take matters into their own hands. Laying down the law in no uncertain terms, parents join forces to combat adolescent hi-jinx with chores, curfews, and good, old fashioned spankings. And thus, the stage is set for the ultimate confrontation, as Vanessa and her friends have their bottoms well and truly smacked!
Note: the summary quoted above has virtually nothing to do with the actual storyline.

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