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A nun, mezzotint, circa 1700.
Nun canes student. Photo by Asa Jones.

A nun is the female equivalent of a monk. A cloister for nuns is called a nunnery.

Nuns and spanking[edit]

A catholic school nun with a ruler


Externally hosted image on Handprints: Drawings Gallery #9

In spanking art and spanking fiction, nuns are found both in spanker and in spankee roles.

Nuns in spanker roles are found e.g. in catholic schools where some or all of the teachers are nuns, and are traditionally permitted to give corporal punishment to students.

In nunnery settings, nuns are found in both spanker and spankee roles. Usually, older nuns are in charge of disciplining, or administering penance to, younger nuns or novices. See also corporal punishment in religious institutions.

Caricaturists such as Martin van Maële and Félicien Rops made erotic drawings featuring nuns (examples: [1], [2]). The setting of nuns in a convent was used in exploitation films mainly in the 1970s and 1980s in the nunsploitation genre.

Popular culture[edit]

One mainstream film in particular, The Magdalene Sisters (2002), depicts the true story of life in a Catholic school for wayward girls in Ireland in the 1960s. This realistic film exposes the cruel practices of abusive nuns, including a F/F caning. Video clip at YouTube

Birds of Prey (2019) is an action movie based on a comic book series with Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. In the semi-comedic animated introduction, a nun paddles young Harley at an orphanage (YouTube video).

Spanking and fetish videos[edit]

Several producers of erotic BDSM and spanking videos have also created stories centered around overly strict nuns who inflict harsh punishment, usually by cane, strap, or birch, on misbehaving schoolgirls or other nuns. Some examples:

  • Noviciate Annabelle Punished by Her Superior, Part 2: The Cane and Birch (At Home with Miss Iceni, 2022), photos
  • The Sisters of Repentance (Tallion), video clip at Total Spanking
  • Spanked for Impure Thoughts (Spanking Sorority Girls, 2022), Sister Rose spanked by teacher Snow Mercy, photos
  • Strict Nun Spanks Veronica & Jenni (Spanked Sorority Sisters)
  • Thank God for Dirty Schoolgirls (Star Nine/Star Bond Media), cleanliness, photos


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