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Note: This article is about lack of clothing. For other meanings, see bare.
Nude protestation event in Barcelona, Spain.

Nudity (or nakedness) is the state of being without clothes.

Nudity is often considered erotic. In some times and places it has been considered improper or obscene, but simple nudity is not considered obscenity or pornography in most countries today.

In art, an image or sculpture of a naked person is called a nude. Nudes are frequent subjects of art works.

Nudity and spanking[edit]

Spankings are often administered with the spankee in a state of partial or full nudity. Spanking art often includes nude figures, particularly when the art is erotic in intent (for spanking in full nudity, see nude spanking). In a BDSM context, forced nudity may be used as a means of humiliation, either by itself or in connection with spanking or other forms of punishment.


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