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Note: This article is about a type of art. For other meanings, see bare.
Mädchenakt, Karl Stauffer-Bern (1886).

In art, a nude is a picture or sculpture of a nude person. The nude is a popular genre because it allows the artist to depict the beauty of the human form unobstructed by clothing or drapery.

Pictures of nudes can be drawings, etchings, paintings, or rendered art.

Traditionally popular subjects for nudes are historic themes, scenes from Roman or Greek mythology, Biblical scenes, or allegories. Since the 19th century, nudes will also often show "normal people" in nature or at home.

The Japanese term for almost nude, often used in Japanese art and fetishes that involve almost-full nudity (e.g. wearing only an apron, or only socks), is Hadaka (裸). The Japanese term for completely nude is Zenra (全裸).


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