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Image generated with NovelAI, "Girl, impressionism, (faint light), looking at hand,business suit,Rectangular glasses"
Image generated with NovelAI, "Smiling high school girl with square glasses nude"

NovelAI is a cloud-based online monthly subscription service for AI-assisted storywriting and text-to-image synthesis.

To generate prose text through an AI, NovelAI uses GPT-based Large Language Models (LLM). Two languages are supported as of June 2023: English and Japanese.

For AI art generation, NovelAI uses a custom implementation of Stable Diffusion named NovelAI Diffusion. It is specifically trained on a Danbooru-based dataset to produce anime-styled output.


Although its operator Anlatan is headquartered in the United States, NovelAI is mostly used in Japan. As of Juny 2023, NovelAI's top usage by country is:

  • Japan 26%
  • United States 19%
  • Germany 4%
  • China 4%
  • Indonesia 3%
  • Others 44%

Spanking art creation with NovelAI[edit]


Externally hosted image on Handprints: Drawings Gallery #262
Spanking artwork generated by Akiru with NovelAI.

Artists who have used NovelAI to create spanking art include Akame, Akiru, Cosal, Kenny sp, and Red Swallow.

Spanking artist named NovelAI[edit]

There is also a spanking artist that uses the username NovelAI, see NAI.

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