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Anti-piracy film with Niki Flynn & Amy Hunter.

Northern Spanking is a spanking club based in Glasgow, Scotland, a pay site and a spanking photo and video production company.

Website and affiliations[edit]

Northern Spanking was established in 2000 by fetish performer Lucy McLean and her husband and business partner Paul Kennedy. It is one of the biggest spanking pay sites on the Internet and features content in film (over 300 hours), thousands of photographs as well as stories.

Northern Spanking is also closely affiliated with fellow UK spanking producer Bars and Stripes. The two companies share the same models, locations, and camera crews. Lucy McLean plays a sadistic matron at B&S while Paul Kennedy plays a senior guard. B&S co-founder Michael Stamp has also appeared as a disciplinarian in videos for Northern Spanking.


The company states on their website that they only use girls who are genuine CP/BDSM lifestyle players, not inexperienced "vanilla" models paid to endure a spanking on camera.

Many well known spanking actors and actresses from the UK fetish community are featured at this site such as Amy Hunter (Lucy McLean's half sister), Alex Reynolds (also a co-manager of the site), Amelia Jane Rutherford, Pandora Blake, Leia-Ann Woods, Adele Haze, Sam Johnson, Jadie Reece, Yasmin Garcia, Dublin O'Brien, and Americans Sarah Gregory and Niki Flynn (now retired).

Style and content[edit]

The majority of their videos include M/F and/or F/F pairings featuring traditional English-style punishments. Mainly, the strapping and caning of naughty uniformed schoolgirls and domestic scenarios involving misbehaving daughters, maids, etc.

Their videos are divided into the following four categories:

  • Celtic Corrections - premium feature-length films with developed storylines and characters.
  • Short Sharp Shock - short films concentrating on the action and reactions.
  • Model's Fantasies - stories suggested by their performers, usually their personal fantasies brought to life on film.
  • Special Films - novelty videos that don't fit into any standard category.

Spanking parties[edit]

Northern Spanking holds regular spanking parties in Scotland. Parties take place every month in Glasgow and all events are held in private venues. You don't need to be a member of the website to attend events. Prices include a buffet and drinks.


Discretion and confidentiality are of primary importance and these issues are taken very seriously. Any personal information given is never shared with any third parties. Cameras and any other recording equipment are strictly prohibited. Every effort is made to ensure that the safety and privacy of all concerned.

A word of warning[edit]

For those unfamiliar with the Corporal Punishment Scene in the UK, spanking parties contain no direct sexual element. Whilst the activities are obviously erotic by nature, no sex is involved and anyone behaving inappropriately or failing to show proper respect to the girls will be asked to leave.

All spanking party girls are over 18 years of age.


Northern Spanking issue e-mail newsletters with party details, reviews of previous parties and other gossip and tidbits of news from the Scottish and UK spanking community, approximately once a month. You can sign up for the newsletter at the Northern Spanking website. E-mail addresses are kept strictly confidential.

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