Normal Adolescent Behavior: Havoc 2

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Amber Tamblyn photographed for TV Guide by Jerry Avenaim.

Amber Tamblyn spanking scene.

Normal Adolescent Behavior: Havoc 2 (2007) is a small independent film directed by Beth Schachter. It stars Amber Tamblyn, Daryl Sabara, Kelli Garner, Hilarie Burton, and Ashton Holmes. Despite the title, this is not a sequel to Havoc (2005). The only similarity between the two films is that they are both about suburban teenagers grappling with issues of identity and sexuality.


Six high school seniors (3 boys, 3 girls) who have been friends since childhood are in a private social and sexual clique with no friends or dating allowed outside the group. Things get complicated when one of them (Amber Tamblyn) becomes attracted to a boy who moves in next door.

The spanking scene[edit]

Wendy (Tamblyn) asks her new boyfriend to spank her, purely out of curiosity. She pulls up her skirt and he reluctantly gives her two light hand-smacks on her panties. After more discussion she lies down on the bed and he adds 5 hard smacks. She quickly changes from being mildly masochistic to not liking it and struggles with him. They argue and he becomes more dominant. He finishes with 5 especially hard slaps that she doesn't like at all.

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