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Nobbin is an artist who created drawings of cartoon characters in spanking situations. He also did some rendered spanking art with Poser.

Nobbin's full name may be David Nobbin (according to his e-mail address) and he was also using the nickname Dr Nobbin. He may be from England.

Nobbin used to have a free site named Nobbin's Cartoon Spanking Page some years ago (in 2001, on, and in 2003, under a slightly different URL; at some point of time also on Geocities), but all of these sites are down by now and he seems to have no current Web presence besides a Yahoo! group (see below).

Googleing for Nobbin is difficult because the word Nobbin currently apperars on hundreds of spanking-related link farms (sites that contain nothing but a meaningless heap of keywords and links which are created to manipulate a website's search engine page rank).