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Niki Flynn, pencil portrait by Jameslovebirch (2012).

Niki Flynn is a U.S. spanking model, a spanking actress, an international star of spanking videos and a genuine spanking enthusiast.

In October 2007 she published her erotic memoir, Dances With Werewolves, featuring an introduction by horror author Ramsey Campbell. Under the pen name Fiona Locke she wrote the novel Over the Knee, the short story collection On the Bare, and numerous short stories.

As Niki Flynn[edit]

Anti-piracy film with Niki Flynn & Amy Hunter by Northern Spanking.

Film work in the Czech Republic[edit]

In 2004 Niki Flynn made her film debut in Exchange Student for Lupus Pictures in Prague (Czech Republic), becoming the first western actress to shoot with the notorious “Werewolves from the East.” She went on to make four more films for Lupus. These are: Crime & Punishment (2004), Stalin 2 (2005), Stalin 3 (2006) and Red Reformatory: Old Friends (2007).

Known for her dark fantasies, Niki pushes the boundaries by favoring edgy and un-glamorous roles. She made CP film history in Lupus’s Crime & Punishment, where she had her hair violently cut off by Pavel Šťastný. In the controversial Stalin series, she was tortured and interrogated by the Communist secret police, ultimately winding up in a madhouse.

Flynn also co-wrote and starred in Nf713 (2009), aka Enemy of the State, an independent British short film produced by Core Films Ltd. She plays a woman who is kidnapped, bound, whipped, and tormented. The IMDb lists the director as China Hamilton (Flynn's co-star), but the box art describes this as "A film by Michael Stamp". (A whipping sequence can be viewed at the Cut Scenes website.)

Film work in the UK[edit]

On the episodic British women-in-prison website Bars and Stripes by Leia-Ann Woods, Niki played the resident psycho. A pyromaniac sentenced for trying to burn down a church, she carried a teddy bear and hasn’t spoken since her arrest.

Niki has a more traditional side too. In Strictly English's An American Brat in London, she plays a rebellious American girl sent to stay with her uncle in England. In a similar vein, she teamed up with Samantha Woodley for the Firm Hand Spanking series English School. The two wayward American girls are sent to a strict English school run by Miss Hastings-Gore.

She has done at least four videos with Rosaleen Young (possibly for Firm Hand Spanking, currently reissued by These are Nikki & Rosaleen Spanked Before Bed and Thieving Girls, as well as two in which Niki spanks Rosaleen: Don't Spank My Bottom and Rosaleen's OTK.

Film work in Austria and Germany[edit]

During 2007 and 2008 she made over a dozen short films for director Dirk Sands at SM-Circus. This Vienna-based producer of BDSM-related spanking films specializes in depicting M/F human animal roleplay scenarios. Here, "pet-girls" wearing nothing but a collar, leather belt, breast harness, and headpiece play circus animals who perform various tricks for their master.

Niki appears as a generic pet in American Petgirl Niki, Feeding Petgirls Niki and Yvette, Petfight: Ariel and Niki, Pet Niki Meets Pet Yvette, and Sponge Contest: Ariel Andersson and Niki Flynn – the title refers to a tug-of-war using a sponge. (Ariel Anderssen is the alias used by spanking actress Amelia Jane Rutherford for her BDSM-related work.)

Niki's pony play videos for SM Circus include Ponygirls Niki and Yvette and Ponygirls Ariel and Niki. Doggie training is portrayed in Dog Niki (aka Doggirl Nikki Flynn). Other animal roles include Frog Niki, Mouse Play Niki and Ducks Niki and Yvette.

These short videos can be purchased individually at the SM Circus website and its sister site Circus BDSM (which is mostly in German). The videos have also been compiled onto the DVDs titled American Pet, Contests, and Ludwig Lost It.

During filming a man known as Herr Ludwig was hired by SM Circus as a German translator for Niki and Ariel. He became friends with Niki and they went on to make a series of personal CP videos together in Germany, including a rare femdom role in which Niki gives him a severe caning. (Ludwig has also played disciplinarian roles for Lupus Pictures, Mood Pictures, and Pandora Blake's company Dreams of Spanking.)

  • Ludwig & Niki compilation (video)
  • Ludwig canes Niki (video)

Flynn has also worked with another Austrian video producer, pain4fem, outside of Vienna. She starred in The Spy, a historical period-piece set in Nazi Germany.

Websites and early retirement[edit]

A lifestyle player in the CP scene, Niki is a member of several online spanking forumsBritish Spanking, Happy Tails, Spanking-Liebe (German), Spankingfreunde (German) and Spanking Tools. She also had a "non-blog" website and a Yahoo! group, both of which no longer exist.

Her final video was What the Dickens? for Firm Hand Spanking (c. 2009). This Victorian era costume period piece was written and directed by co-star Amelia Jane Rutherford. Spankings, birchings and canings were administered by Christian Fennington, husband of retired UK fetish actress Sophie Fennington. More recently, Firm Hand has broken up the full-length story into a series of shorter video clips and added a new series of bonus scenes, rehearsal footage and other behind-the-scenes material on their website.

In September of 2009 Niki announced she was retiring as a performer in fetish films. Her last video release, Babysitting Nightmare (Northern Spanking, 2010), in which she plays a spanker role, was most likely shot in 2009. She has since launched a new career as a writer of erotic spanking stories under the name Fiona Locke.

Spanking videos[edit]

Bars and Stripes

Dallas Spanks Hard

  • Niki Flynn - Strapped Severity (2008), video
  • Strappings from Hell, Part 3 (remastered, 2019), video

Firm Hand Spanking

  • English School (C) - Niki Flynn & Samantha Woodley Hand-Strapping (2006), photos
  • English School (D) (2006), photos
  • English School (E) - Niki Flynn (2006), photos
  • English School (G) - Niki Punished (2006), photos
  • English School (I) - Samantha Woodley (2006), photos
  • English School (M) Samantha Woodley Slippered by Miss Hastings-Gore (2006), photos
  • English School (N) (2007), photos
  • English School (P) (2007), photos
  • English School (R) - Samantha Woodley (2007), photos
  • English School (S) - Niki Flynn (2007), aka Bare Bottom Caning, photos
  • English School (T) - Niki Flynn (2007), photos
  • English School (W) - Samantha Woodley (2007), aka Bare Bottom Strapping, photos
  • Star Photostories - Carly Crew (N) (2007)

Lupus Pictures

Northern Spanking Institute



Shadow Lane

  • Hotseat (2008), 48 min. video
  • Super Spanking Revue 3 (2010), compilation video


Sound Punishment

Spanked Cutie

Spanked Sweeties

  • Niki Flynn: Spanked Sweeties 18, photos

Spanking Online (distributes multiple sub-sites)

  • The Paddle for Niki Flynn (, sequel to or a retitled Tuesday Discipline, photos

Spank My Bottom

Strictly English

  • An American Brat in London (37 min. video), brat, photos
  • Best of the Brits, Volume 16, compilation with An American Brat in London, photos
  • Best of the Brits, Volume 17, compilation with An American Brat in London, photos
  • Best of the Brits, Volume 18, compilation with An American Brat in London (photos)
  • Best of the Brits, Volume 19, An American Brat in London segment, photos

Fetish Flixx

Reissued titles, mostly produced by Spank My Bottom and Spanking Online:

  • Cheerleader Caned - Rosaleen Young
  • Community Service - Rosaleen Young
  • Four Girls Spanked (aka Four School Girls in Trouble)
  • Music Room - Miss Hastings
  • Pillow Fights - Rosaleen Young
  • Private Education - Miss Parker
  • White Slipper

Videos at Spanking Tube[edit]

Excerpts and promotional trailers from many of her films can be viewed for free at the Spanking Tube website. Below are a few examples.

As Fiona Locke[edit]

As an author, Fiona Locke regularly contributes to Virgin Books' popular Black Lace: Wicked Words series. Described by Black Lace editor Lindsay Gordon as "exquisitely kinky," Miss Locke is a genuine discipline fetishist and a major scene player who celebrates the combination of sex and punishment.

Her debut novel, Over the Knee, is published by Nexus Enthusiast. Arena Magazine called her one of "the world's naughtiest female writers", publishing an excerpt from her book in their erotic insert, Dirty Stories by Dirty Girls. Miss Locke is also the only Nexus author to pose for the cover of her own book.

Note: Nexus Enthusiast ("the last word in fetish") is a new imprint of Virgin Books, publishing erotica by enthusiasts for enthusiasts.


  • Over the Knee (2006)
  • "Seams and Ladders" - Wicked Words: Sex and Shopping
  • "The Apprentice" - Wicked Words: Sex and Music
  • "Silent as the Grave" - Wicked Words: Sex on the Move
  • "Ginger Tart" - Wicked Words: Sex in the Kitchen
  • "Kissing the Gunner's Daughter" - Wicked Words: Sex in Uniform
  • "Veselé Velikonoce" - Wicked Words: Sex on Holiday
  • "Six of the Best" - Wicked Words 9
  • "The Offering" - Wicked Words 8
  • "The Confessional" - excerpt - Arena Magazine, June 2006

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