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This page lists existing and wanted articles about spanking-related news and events, both from mainstream media and from the spanking scene.

Annually recurring events[edit]

Spanking video producer Dana Specht has released several videos filmed at the above events (featuring Sarah Gregory). These are: Boardwalk Badness Weekend 2014, Lone Star Spanking Party, and Texas All State Spanking Party 2014 (photos).

One-time news and events[edit]

  • 1980: Los Angeles School Board member (and future U.S. Congresswoman) Bobbi Fiedler submitted to a public paddling (three swats with a platform tennis paddle) photographed by the press before a vote was held to reinstate corporal punishment in L.A. schools. (See newspaper photos)
  • 1994: American teenager Michael P. Fay makes headlines for being judicially caned in Singapore
  • 1998: The Encyclopedia of Spanking Art is launched
  • 1999: Handprints is launched
  • July 2000: George Jackson Churchward dies in his early 50's
  • 2001: Gordon Oilbuckle dies, aged 47
  • April 2004: Louise Ogborn becomes a victim of workplace abuse, including naked spanking
  • May 2005: The Spanking Art wiki is launched
  • October 2006: Jacqueline Ophir dies
  • January 2007: Spanking New Orchestra performs a percussive stage show in Michigan
  • March 2007: Anime OTK is launched
  • March 2008: Boyz Being Boyz is launched
  • March 2008: Max Mosley video released of Nazi-themed S&M sex orgy with prostitutes
  • 2008: San Jose State University suspends its Sigma Gamma Rho sorority when pledges file criminal charges after being severely paddled and caned.
  • December 2008: Bettie Page dies in Los Angeles, aged 85
  • August 2009: The Library of Spanking Fiction is launched under its own URL
  • November 2009: A-ta-ta (spanking protest event in Kiev, Ukraine), spanking clip on YouTube.
  • January 2010: six Sigma Gamma Rho sorority girls (Rutgers University, New Jersey) are arrested for hazing three pledges with a paddle spanking.
  • October 2010: Janet Orlando, 57, saleswoman for security company Alarm One Inc. (Anaheim, Calif.) wins $1.7 million lawsuit after being spanked with a metal sign in front of co-workers during a company team-building exercise.
  • December 2010: Darling’s Academy (spanking roleplay event in Scotland)
  • March 2011: seven sorority sisters of Zeta Phi Beta (University of Maryland) are charged with assault for paddling a pledge.
  • 2011: Gordon Sergeant dies, aged 83
  • 2011: Uasketcher dies
  • August 2011: Tampa Tanners Back to School Bash, Tampa, Florida (video promo by Katarina Kaufmann)
  • October 2011: Hillary Adams posts a 2004 video on YouTube of her father beating her with a belt when she was 16 years old. The video goes viral and gets much mainstream news coverage.
  • April 2012: Seaside Swats, San Diego, California. Party hosted by Uncle Bob's Woodshed (website)
  • January 2013: David Nielson, better known as Ed Lee, founder of Nu-West/Leda Productions, dies, aged 73.
  • May 2018: Singer Miley Cyrus spanked by her mother during Mother's Day photo shoot (video).

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Censored security camera still of Louise Ogborn being spanked.