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My Spanking Roommate is a spanking video producer and spanking pay site that sells mostly short downloadable spanking videos (averaging 8-16 minutes in length). All of their content revolves around three main roommate characters plus over thirty supporting players, forming a continuity that links together dozens of episodic stories.

The site is one of many owned and operated by Clare Fonda Productions. Spanking actress Clare Fonda directs and produces many of the videos and sometimes performs on camera as well.

Soap opera concept[edit]

My Spanking Roommate is inspired by television soap operas and reality TV shows. It is one of only two spanking video producers to use this format with continuing stories and characters interacting in a common environment. The other company is Bars and Stripes in the UK which sets its stories in a women's prison. Bars and Stripes was created by spanking actress Leia-Ann Woods – who is also a member of the supporting cast of My Spanking Roommate.

The stories mostly take place in an apartment complex where three girls, the titular roommates, share a suite of rooms. We also occasionally visit the office where one of the roommates works, as well as diners, a doctor's office, a school, and the local jail.

The three girls are continually embroiled in petty disputes, bitter rivalries, and other conflicts (including blackmail) which inevitably lead to one or more of them receiving a spanking. In addition, there are 33 other supporting characters, male and female, with whom they interact.

Cast of characters[edit]

The three roommates are played by newcomers Kay Richards, Chloe Elise, and Madison Martin. (Elise has appeared in several videos for Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment.) The supporting cast boasts many well-known fetish performers.

Kailee Robinson and Julie Simone play Madison's sisters. Mandy Muse plays her cousin. Jewell Marceau is Madison's co-worker and Steve Fueller appears as Chloe's boss.

Clare Fonda plays a crazy neighbor who loves to give the roommates a hard spanking, and sometimes gets one herself. The recently retired Sierra Salem is her niece and Punished Brats co-founder Amber Pixie Wells is cast as her bratty next-door neighbor.

Stevie Rose has a recurring role as a police woman/meter maid; Pandora Blake is a lawyer in multiple episodes, and Madison Young appears as Tawny.

The domineering Belinda Clark (using her stage name Mistress Gemini) plays the strict landlady who is quick to punish the girls when they get behind in their rent.

Rosario Stone is the maid who wears a sexy French maid uniform. She is frequently spanked for her inability to speak proper English, but eventually turns the tables on her employer.

Other noteworthy cast members include Adriana Evans, Leia-Ann Woods, Sarah Gregory, Audrey Knight, Abigail Whittaker, and Snow Mercy.

Style and content[edit]

The length of each story varies from 8 to 33 minutes. They post 6 new clips every week. The website lists the gender pairings as 85% F/F and 15% M/F. Most of the scenarios are in a domestic (apartment) setting with the occasional trip to an office, restaurant, and jail cell. One character teaches at a girls' school, providing the scenario for Schoolgirl Spankings with uniformed students being punished.

Another unusual aspect of this series is the frequent switch pairings between spanker and spankee. There are only a few consistent top and bottom characters. The disciplinarian in one story may end up as the punished submissive in the next. Even Rosario the maid gets the upper hand in Maid Spanks Kay, one of the many turnabout/revenge stories.

Compilations of some of their videos are available on DVD. For example, Spanked Secretary is part of the Corporate Spankings DVD available through Shadow Lane.

Selected titles[edit]

A list of videos featuring popular actress Kailee Robinson.

  • Broken Vase (10 min.), preview
  • Chloe & Kailee's Halloween Spankoff (6 min.)
  • Chloe Spanks Kailee Hard With a Hairbrush (12 min.)
  • Chloe vs. Kailee vs. Snow (14 min.)
  • The Girls Can't Pay the Rent (33 min.)
  • Homework Pain (14 min.)
  • Madison's Revenge (8 min.), superhero Madison as Batgirl, photos
  • Madison Asks Sister for Money (27 min.), photos
  • Mr. Ford Spanks Kailee (12 min.)
  • Snow Spanks & Paddles Chloe and Kailee (12 min.)

Misc. titles:

  • Chloe's Christmas Spanking (10 min.), Christmas
  • Chloe Spanks Elf Madison (10 min.)
  • Clare Spanked Again (2023), Bella Ink, photos
  • Gigi Spanked for Dinner - Madison Martin, Gigi Lea, wood spatula, photos
  • Gigi Spanks Her New Roommate - Tiana Irie, Gigi Lea, photos
  • Girlscout vs. Cheerleader (28 min.), girl scout, photos
  • Isobel Seeks New Roommate Kitty - Isobel Wren, interracial, photos
  • Kay and Elori Spanked for Jaywalking - Stevie Rose, Kay Richards
  • Kay & Maid Wrestle & Spank Each Other (12 min.)
  • Kay Meets Susan (8 min.)
  • Kay Spanked By Volleyball Teammate (2018), Kay Richards, sports, photos
  • Madison Ends Tawny's Reign of Terror - Madison Martin, Madison Young as Tawny, photos
  • Madison Spanked at Christmas Party (2022), Madison Martin, Lexi Holland, Christmas, photos
  • Madison Spanked Over Costume - stewardess costume party story, photos
  • Madison Spanks Apricot Over Laundry (2022), Apricot Pitts, Madison Martin, photos
  • Schoolgirl Spankings (16 min.)
  • Snow Gives Revenge Spanking (2021), Stevie Rose, sequel to A Spanking for a Message, photos
  • Snow Makes Spanking Deal With Maddy (2020), Snow Mercy, Maddy Marks, Jokari paddle, photos

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