Mr. KD

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Apparently Sweden has an absurd law which criminalizes artistic depictions of minors in certain positions, including being spanked, on the grounds that such drawings or paintings might have been copied from a photograph. Although spanking children has been technically illegal in Sweden since 1979, there are no criminal penalties or fines for breaking this law. But apparently in Sweden drawing a picture of an imaginary juvenile spanking constitutes a more serious offense than forcing the real thing on an unconsenting screaming child, since Mr. KD did receive a fine for his artwork.

Mr. KD, also spelled Mister K. D., is a Swedish artist of girl spanking art.

He is the first artist anywhere known for being prosecuted for juvenile spanking drawings. In 2004, Mr. KD was tried, convicted and fined (based on Swedish law) on the accusation that his child spanking art drawings constituted child pornography. For more information on the case, see the discussion on the Handprints website.

HandPrince stressed the fact that child spanking art such as Mr. KD's is perfectly legal unter U.S. law. The only way it could be illegal in the U.S. was if it constituted "obscenity", which is nearly impossible to prove and which is virtually never pursued for drawings and paintings. HandPrince confirmed: "No images on Handprints come close to meeting the U.S. obscenity standards, which permit materials of a far more obvious prurient nature with far less redeeming artistic value than anything on this site."

Other countries' law may differ, as Mr. KD's case in Sweden proved. This shows how important it is these days for spanking artists around the globe to know their local laws regarding the liberty of art and their national legal definitions of (child) pornography.


Externally hosted image on Handprints: Drawings Gallery #2
Spanking drawing by Mr. KD.