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Mouth Soaped and Bottom Smacked, drawing by Julian Guile.

Mouthsoaping, also known as mouth washing, is a form of punishment in which a person is made to taste soap or some other unpleasant-tasting substance. While soap is the most classic substance used for this punishment and gave it its name, hot pepper, chili sauce, or any foul-tasting (but untoxic and harmless, from a health point of view) substance can be used in a similar fashion. For a commercial product specifically made for this purpose, see Behavol.

Typically, mouth washing is used to punish "bad language", mostly meaning profanity, obscenity, or other speech deemed unacceptable (a case of punishment on the point of offense). Slightly less commonly, it is used to punish lying. It can, however, be used under other circumstances, as can any form of punishment.

When soap is used, the punishment ritual symbolizes the "cleaning of the mouth" from the "foul or dirty" language or lie.

Mouthsoaping was a common method of punishment in the first half of the 20th century but has declined in popularity significantly since the 1960s. Historically, it has been practiced primarily in the United Kingdom, Australia and United States.


The classic method for mouth washing is to take the delinquent to the bathroom, tell him or her to open his mouth and then wash out the inside of his or her mouth, as if it were dirty and needed to be cleaned, using soaped-up fingers or a soaped-up washcloth. Instead (or afterwards), the bar of soap can be put in his mouth and left there for some minutes while the delinquent is put in time-out, until he/she is given permission to remove the bar of soap and rinse his mouth. (Permission to rinse may be delayed, as a way to increase the severity of the punishment.) An alternate form of mouth soaping invoves applying liquid soap to a toothbrush, which is then used to scrub the teeth and possibly the tongue. This form may require the cooperation of the delinquent.

Note that soap, if ingested in large quantities, can cause significant digestive upsets. For this reason, mouth soaping is somewhat risky, and it is a good idea to make sure that the delinquent is enabled to spit out all the soap, and rinse. Also a lot of modern soaps are perfumed, these must me avoided for toxic reasons.


Mouthsoaping is stereotypically a child's punishment, although it is now rarely actually used on children in most societies. When used on adults, it intentionally evokes the image of childish punishment. In a BDSM context, mouth soaping or the threat of it is most likely to be found in an ageplay scene, although it does occur, at least in fiction, in domestic discipline contexts.

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