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Animated sequence of a race horse galloping, by Eadweard Muybridge, first published in 1887.

A movie (or film or video) is a motion picture, a form of visual art (although sound is also an important aspect of this medium). Many movies are large commercial productions, while others are much smaller affairs created by a few people, and yet others are created by single amateurs. Feature films are movies that are shown in movie theaters (cinemas). Movies are also shown on TV channels. Video recordings can be played on the TV screen by auxiliary devices such as VCRs or DVD players. The latter is also the usual method to watch home movies which serve, like snapshots, to record matters of interest to individuals.

Since the 1990s it is also possible to watch TV or videos on the computer. There exists a lot of software to play, record, cut, edit or convert films in digital form.

Spanking in movies and videos[edit]

There are a number of mainstream movies in which spanking scenes, usually the disciplinary spanking of a child, or the "humorous" spanking of an adult, occur. See spanking in mainstream films and The History of spanking in film for more on this.

There are also many movies which are erotica. Some of these include or even focus on spanking or BDSM. For more on non-mainstream videos that focus on spanking, see spanking videos. A list of X-rated films that include spanking scenes can be found at pornography.

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