Mother's Helper

From Spanking Art
It's a 'Mother's Helper' paddle, a classic Penitatas-rated seat-smacker, that I ordered from the Stinging Upbringing outlet in Clark Center.
  Crimson Kid, "EAVESDROPPING" (Maternal Matrimony #8)

A Mother's Helper is a light wooden paddle. It is so called because those words are clearly written on its slim surface in Lurking Dragon's Rejuve Universe. It also bears the name of the company that makes it.

It is made of a light blond wood and is very thin, being only 3 mm (0.12 ″) thick. It is 27 cm (11 ″) long, 10 of that is the handle, and quite narrow, having a spanking surface of only 17 cm × 5 cm (6.7″ × 2.0″). Those measurements are similar to a wooden ruler or paint stick.

A helper paddle is considered to be light enough for any age rejuve. It is one of the few things ever used to spank Kindern (real, unrejuved children) besides the hand. It is so light that a guardian could use it for a long continuous time, stinging and smarting the child's buttocks repeatedly, without any risk of bruising or blistering them.