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Young Mother Gazing At Her Child, painting by William-Adolphe Bouguereau (1871).

A mother is a female parent. If she has children that are not her biological children (e.g. if the is the second wife of her husband, who remarried after his first wife died), she is called their stepmother.

A mother might also be called less formally with words that differ in American English from Queen's English. In American English you might refer to a mother as Mom or the childish Mommy. While in Queen's English you would say Mum or Mummy respectively. Another possible word is Ma, which once was common with "frontier" families in America, and Mama.

  • maternal (adjective) - of, pertaining to, having the qualities of, or befitting a mother: maternal instincts.
Related forms
  • maternalism (noun)
  • maternalistic (adjective)
  • maternally (adverb)

In Japanese based references, Okaa-(san|sama) or Haha refer to a mother.

Mothers in spanking art[edit]

"To Mother" (1914)

Mothers play an important role in child spanking art because in practice in most families it is the mother's task to discipline the children. This is especially true for younger children.

In spanking stories and visual arts, there are a lot of F/f and F/m works where the spanker is the girl's or boy's mother.

An example of mother/daughter punishment fiction can be found in the short story collection A Judicial Caning for Mother and Daughter: and Other Spanking Stories by Joy Peters (LSF Publications, 2016).


A stepmother (or step-mother, see also Guardian) is the non-biological mother of children from her husband's previous marriage. The domineering evil stepmother has become a popular stereotypical villain in various forms of fiction, drama, and film – including adult spanking videos.

In corporal punishment videos, the stepmother is usually a strict, sometimes sadistic, practicioner of old-fashioned, over the knee discipline. (See also Aunt videos.) Sometimes she is a more sympathetic character who is justified in giving a delinquent, spoiled, bratty or otherwise misbehaving stepchild a painful "attitude adjustment" via hand, hairbrush, bath brush, paddle, switch, or birch rod.

Adding to the powerless feeling of submission and humiliation, some stories show the child being forced to fetch the punishment implement(s) or going outdoors to cut a tree branch to be used as a switch. Bad language or backtalk may also be remedied by a bar of soap (mouthsoaping, a fetish category in itself). All of these practices are based on what were once commonplace methods used in parenting in earlier times.

A few video titles depict stepmothers getting punished as in Disrespectful Stepmother (Triple A Spanking) and two turnabout titles, both called Step Daughter's Revenge released by Spanked Cheeks and Dropseat Productions (Bobbie's DropSeats).

Ageplay videos and legal issues[edit]

Due to strict laws enacted in 1990 to prevent the exploitation of minors in adult-themed videos, children are portrayed by adult actors dressed in juvenile costumes (school uniforms, frilly dresses, dropseat pajamas, etc.) and punished in a kid's bedroom decorated with stuffed animals, toys, a teddy bear, and so on. To avoid any ambiguity, some producers include dialog indicating the "child" is at least 18 years old (and often complaining about being "too old for a spanking"). Titles catering to specific ageplay and power exchange fantasies show adult spankees forced to wear childish or infant clothing (including diapers, pacifiers, etc.) to ramp up the humiliation aspect of the punishment session.

Ageplay videos from Momma Spankings, for example, with women pretending to be young girls include: Mommy's Spanked Schoolgirl, The Bad Little Girl, Little Misbehaving Alice, My Bratty Daughter, Miss Kane's School of Manners, Little Kajira's Spanking, Little Sarah's Spanking, Slutty Daughter Spanked and Diapered and Mommy's Rude Little Girl (photos).

Taken to School (Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment), depicts Chelsea Pfeiffer forcing adult daughter-in-law Stevie Rose to wear a schoolgirl uniform to further humiliate her during her spanking sessions.

Like Mother, Like Daughter (Sarah Gregory Spanking) shows Sarah spanking Ten Amorette while pretending to be her mother to satisfy a mutual fantasy.

Spanking videos[edit]

Selected mother, stepmother, and mother-in-law video titles:

  • Sinn's Return & Sinn's Revenge (Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment), stepmom Chelsea punished in sequel to "Stepmom Takes Control"
  • Slacking Daughter (Momma Spankings), Tasha Lee spanks Harley Havik, photos
  • Veronica Spanked By Mom First Time (Spanking Sorority Girls), Veronica Ricci, Mistress Crystal, photos
  • Veronica Spanked By Mom In Kitchen (Spanking Sorority Girls), Veronica Ricci, photos

Real-life mother/daughter video titles:

  • Family Discipline (Amateur Spankings), Whitney and her real-life mother Cindy belt-spanked, Lucy paddles daughter Brooke and is paddled herself (photos)
  • Inside The Session Series: Rose Family Discipline, parts 1-3 (I Heart Spanking), Stevie Rose, sister Vada, and mother Kay Rose all get spanked.
  • Marked MILFs (Dallas Spanks Hard), spanking actress Cienna's real-life mother Ann, aka Submissan, is punished by Dallas, photos.
  • Mother & Daughter (Amateur Spankings), Jennifer spanks her real mother Val after getting punished by her boyfriend, photos.
  • Mother & Daughter 2 (Amateur Spankings), Kathy and her 18-year-old daughter Amanda both get spanked separately and together by hand and belt.
  • Mother & Daughter 3 (Amateur Spankings), Brooke spanked by real-life mother Lucy; both are later spanked separately.
  • Mother & Daughter 4 (Amateur Spankings), real-life mother & daughter Tammy and Sammy spanked separately and spank each other, photos.
  • Mother & Daughter 5 (Amateur Spankings, 2012), Arianna spanks her real-life daughter Shayla, both spanked separately, and daughter spanks mother, photos.
  • Spankin' Down The Highway, Part 2 (Raven Hill Studios), reality video featuring amateurs. Includes a furious mother spanking her bratty, delinquent 18-year-old daughter via hand, wooden spoon, and a switch the daughter is forced to prepare herself (website, slideshow).
  • Spanking the Rose's Rosie, Part 1 (Stevie Rose's I Heart Spanking), Stevie Rose and her real-life mother and Aunt all spanked together.
  • Spanking the Rose's Rosie, Part 2 (Stevie Rose's I Heart Spanking), Stevie, her mother and little sister Vada are spanked by Kyle Johnson.
  • Spanking the Rose's Rosie, Part 3 (Stevie Rose's I Heart Spanking), Stevie spanked by Kyle in front of her mother and sister Vada.
  • Stevie Rose Spanks Her Mother (I Heart Spanking), Stevie Rose spanks her real-life mother for the first time, (video)
  • Strictmoor Academy's Spring Break Spankings (Momma Spankings), Tasha Lee spanks daughter Angel Lee, photos

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