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Moonglow is a British spanking company that produces several series of spanking movies. Each series is made by a different director.

Moonglow was formed by George Harlow and John Kirwood in 1993. Both worked independently with Harlow’s movies being marketed under the 'Moonglow' banner and Kirkwood’s as 'Moonglow West'. 'Moonglow North' was added in 1998 as the vehicle for another director (Mel) who had previously sold his work through Spanking for Pleasure/Paradox Adult Entertainment.

All three directors switched from tape to digital around 2000. John Kirkwood died suddenly in 2003 from a massive heart attack about a week after completing his last production, Severity School. Moonglow North continued to produce new material until about 2007, and Moonglow continued until about 2011 – however, both directors have occasionally released remastered or re-edited version of earlier movies.

George Harlow has published his recollections of Moonglow in The Library of Spanking Fiction, Wellred Weekly, Volume 1, Nos. 11 (October 21, 2012) & 12 (December 7, 2012).

List of released series[edit]


  • C01: Kelly and Jane Discover the Cane (combined with C04: The Sportsmistress, 1998), Sara Benachour
  • C02: Consequences One (Combined with C03: Consequences Two)
  • C03: Consequences Two (Combined with C02: Consequences One)
  • C04: The Sportsmistress (Combined with C01: Kelly and Jane Discover the Cane)
  • C05: Rattan College 3: Rhyme and Reason, aka Impertinence (1996), Lucy Bailey (video)
  • C05: Sarah Remembers and Term Ends (Old C06)
  • C06: Female Spanking Fantasies - Ladies' Dreams
  • C07: New Girls (Combined with C10: Staff Cuts)
  • C08: Teacher's Folly (Combined with C09: Well-Thrashed)
  • C09: Well-Thrashed (Combined with C08: Teacher's Folly)
  • C10: Staff Cuts (Combined with C07: New Girls)
  • C11: Take Three Girls (Combined with C16: Spanking Down Under)
  • C12: The Art of Spanking (Combined with C13: Spanking Dreams)
  • C13: Spanking Dreams (Combined with C12: The Art of Spanking), photos
  • C14: Wayward Wives (Combined with C15: Look Back in spanking)
  • C15: Look Back in Spanking (Combined with C14: Wayward Wives)
  • C16: Spanking Down Under (Combined with C11: Take Three Girls)
  • C17: Members' Amateur Compilation
  • C18: Spy School
  • C19: Moonglow Highlights: Extracts from C01 to C18
  • C20: Wrens in Trouble
  • C21: The Caning of the Spanish Master's Wife
  • C22: Nanny's Folly
  • C23: Spanking Reminiscences (2002), photos
  • C24: Boss's Pet
  • C25: Army Stripes
  • C26: Lady Penelope's Folly
  • C27: Lessons in CP & Does It Hurt? (Old C19)
  • C28: Gina's Tail & Mandy's Memories
  • C29: The Maid's Revenge
  • C30: Prefects' Stripes
  • C31: Nemesis for Lorna
  • C32: Maids for the Birch
  • C33: Secretary, Moonglow Style (2004), spanking parody of 2003's Secretary
  • C34: Tartan Tanning (2004), set at the Moonglow Academy in Scotland
  • C35: Caught and Caned
  • C36: The Matrix Moonglow Style (plus eight other CP stories, 2005), parody of The Matrix
  • C37: From Mind to Bottom
  • C38: The Wicked Kane Club
  • C39: Nikki and the Cane
  • C40: Approved School (2006)
  • C41: Best of the Cane (2006)
  • C42: The Housemaster's Duty (2007), Pandora Blake, Josie Harrison-Marks
  • C43: Caning News (2007)
  • C44: Caning News 2 (2007)
  • C45: The Punishment Files (2008)
  • C46: Backpacker's Hundred (2008)
  • Amateur Videos (4 parts), video

Moonglow North[edit]

For more detail, see article on Moonglow North.

  • N01: Test Thrashing
  • N02: Whack, Oh!
  • N03: The Secretary / The Gambler / The Housewife
  • N04: Nursing Her Bottom
  • N05: The Warden & The Prisoner / A Fair Cop / Striptease Schoolgirls
  • N06: CP Administration / Discipline School / The Insolent Maid
  • N07: The Secretary / The Shoplifters / Getting Ready
  • N08: Late for Work / Spanked for Speeding / A Hand for Peter
  • N09: Spanked Hairdresser, Caned by Camilla and Others
  • N10: The Lazy Hairdresser / CP Admin 2 / Spanked in the Attic
  • N11: Moonglow North Highlights: Extracts from N01 to N10
  • N12: Humiliated Neighbours
  • N13: Legal Beatings
  • N14: Beaten Bimbos
  • N15: Molly's Hundred
  • N16: Secretarial Tea-Leaf
  • N17: The Spanking House
  • N18: Thawed Bottoms
  • N19: Army Hundred
  • N20: Angela’s Fact and Fantasy
  • N21: The Caning Caretaker
  • N22: Office Pokes
  • N23: Burning Ambitions

Moonglow West[edit]

For more detail, see article on Moonglow West.

  • West 01 (New series) 112 mins
    • Tina's Ton Up (W19 in old series, 1995) (30 min. video)
    • Minnie the Jinx (W04 in old series)
    • Silly Millie (W05 in old series)
  • West 02 (New series) 118 mins
    • Naughty Nurses (W11 in old series)
    • Naughty Nurses II - Nurses in Trouble (W21 in old series)
  • West 03 (New series) 119 mins
    • CP Therapy - The new Marriage Correction service (W14 in old series)
    • CP Therapy Part II - More punished housewives (W20 in old series)
  • West 04 (New series) 109 mins
    • Two for the Crop (W08 in old series)
    • Two More for the Crop (W17 in old series)
  • West 05 (New series) 117 mins
    • Classic Canings - Inter-Millenium Canings (W24 in old series)
    • HowZat! (W01 in old series)
  • West 06 (New series) 140 mins
    • Retribution (W06 in old series)
    • Flatmates' Discipline (W07 in old series)
    • Uncle Terry's Naughty Nieces (W18 in old series)
  • West 07 (New series) 139 mins
    • Marriage Guidance (W12 in old series)
    • Condomania (W02 in old series)
    • Christmas Thrashings (W10 in old series)
  • West 08 (New series) 111 mins
    • Model Thrashings (W23 in old series)
    • The Misadventures of St. Joan (W16 in old series)
  • West 09 (New series) 109 mins
    • Severity School (W25 in old series, 2003)
    • Seven Sore Dreams (W09 in old series)
  • West 10 (New series) 111 mins
    • Whacked at Work (W22 in old series)
    • Suffering Sisters (W03 in the old series)
  • West 11 (New series) 104 mins
    • Blackrod! (W15 in the old series)
    • Doctor's Remedy (W13 in the old series)
  • West 12 (New series) 120 mins
    • Moonglow West Highlights

Moonglow Strictly English[edit]

See Strictly English.

Moonglow Spanking On-Line Series[edit]

See Spanking Online.

Moonglow Club Corporal[edit]

  • Z01: Behind the Scenes at Club Corporal (106 min.)
  • Z02: Club Corporal - The Punishment Files (96 min.)
  • Z03: Club Corporal - Punishments and Promotions (90 min.)

See Club Corporal.

Moonglow Wellspanked[edit]

  • U01: Heather's Hidings
  • U02: A Tutor's Firm Hand
  • U03: Short Sharp Shocks
  • U04: Teacher's Folly & Well Thrashed

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