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Mood Pictures is a Hungarian spanking company that has released a number of spanking movies. Their movies are filmed in Hungarian with English subtitles. The company is run by Pedro & Pablo.

Style and content[edit]

All of their videos feature female submissives. Nearly all of these titles are centered around severe F/F caning punishments. A handful of titles include other implements (mostly whips) and M/F pairings. Models receive a minimum of 50 cane strokes, and many have endured 100 and even 150 strokes. Several videos contain scenes with models cane-whipped to the point of bleeding lacerations.

Similar to Lupus Pictures, Mood occasionally does historical stories (Slaves of Rome, Gestapo, Dr. Mengele) and critiques of more recent times when Eastern Europe was under Communist control (Ancient Regime, Martial Law, et al.).

Spinoff divisions[edit]

Mood has set up a separate company called ElitePain which is devoted to showing even more extreme punishments and BDSM tortures. The content is entirely female-submissive with mostly F/F pairings. Bound women are subjected to cruel whippings (including a wire whip) and canings, frequently to the point of bleeding, and are often pierced with long needles.

A second company called Cruel Amazons follows the ElitePain model in its severity but is entirely Femdom with only F/M pairings.

Controversial content and legal issues[edit]

Three movies made by Mood Pictures have been removed from the original website due to their Nazisploitation content. They are Gestapo, Gestapo 2 and Dr. Mengele.

The company was raided and searched by the Hungarian police in 2010. An actress reported to local police anonymously that the producers did more to her than she consented to and then completely ignored the safeword when used. Their main website along with sister sites Mood Castings and Cruel Amazons were temporarily shut down. The websites reopened after a few months of legal affairs.

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