Molly Malone

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A long slow OTK hand spanking ensures a puddle of Molly.
  — Molly Malone

Molly Malone is a spanking actress based in Surrey, England. She also provides one-to-one sessions as a switch in London and in Surrey, as well as taking part in the Bottoms Up spanking parties organised by Leia-Ann Woods.


Fresh out of University, Molly Malone was "corrupted" by close friend Zoe Montana whilst visiting her in Australia. On her return to England, she became involved in the spanking scene in London in the Autumn of 2011. Initially she avoided showing her face in publicity pictures, unsure whether she wanted to make spanking a full time career.

However in March 2012, Northern Spanking released the results of her first video and picture shoot, in which Molly found her self spanked by Leia-Ann Woods. On the recommendation of Zoe Montana, Molly was recruited by Pandora Blake for her new website Dreams of Spanking. In her first film Introducing Molly Malone, first shown in July 2012, Molly discusses with Pandora how she became interested in spanking and talks about the respective scenes in Australia and London, before demonstrating her spanking technique on Pandora's bottom. Since then she has filmed a number of spanking and caning demonstrations and spanking stories for Dreams of Spanking. In November 2012, Spanking Sarah released the video The Trophy Wife in which Molly is spanked along side Bow Jingles by Headmistress Ms. Bright, played by the website co-owner and principal performer Sarah Bright. She continues to work for all three sites.