Mistress Jayne

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Mistress Jayne is a French adult BDSM comic by the artist Jacobsen (also known as Jack Whip). It is probably from the 1980s and 46 pages in length.

The comic has appeared in French, English and German language.


Spoiler warning

Joanna, a young orphan, is sold by her uncle to a wealthy and sadistic couple, Karl and the whip-wielding dominatrix Mistress Jane. They train the girl to be their slave by means of cruel punishment and humiliations. They also submit her to various Masters to serve them sexually and to be punished by them. Warning: the comic is NC and sexual in contents.

Pages 28-30 feature an M/F spanking scene: Joanna, put in the dress of a schoolgirl, is spanked OTK by one of the couple's friends, Mr Paul, who plays the role of a school teacher.