Mister SchoolMarm

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Mister SchoolMarm is an author of spanking stories. He started out in 2007 by writing anecdotes from his own life and has since branched out into fiction, using his own childhood for the characters and setting.

Mister SchoolMarm's yarns are narrated by his younger-self and feature domestic spanking and school corporal punishment in America in the 1950s. While most of the stories are set in reality, some incorporate fantasy elements. His writing style emphasises humor over erotica.


  • A Teacher's "Tail" - Four anecdotes from his time as a teacher between 1968 and 1973.
  • A Teacher's OWN "Tail" - Anecdotes from his own childhood in the 1950s.
  • Blatant Lies From Hell - The fictional spin-off of "A Teacher's OWN Tail"
    • Even More Blatant Lies - The continuation of "Blatant Lies From Hell"
    • Jeekers, MORE Lies! - The continuation of "Blatant Lies From Hell"
  • Not Exactly A FanFic - Spanking parody