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Clipping from a South Tyrolean newspaper, 16 October 1903, about the spanking machine in Minnesota.

The Minnesota Correctional Facility – Red Wing is a state juvenile correctional facility located in Red Wing, Minnesota. It was built in 1889 as the Minnesota State Training School, a reformatory for boys and girls. It was also known as the Red Wing Training School. It was named "Minnesota Correctional Facility – Red Wing" in 1979.

Girls were housed at Red Wing until 1911.

The institution served as the subject of "Walls of Red Wing", a folk and protest song by American singer-songwriter Bob Dylan.

Corporal punishment[edit]

The institition had a military school like regime of discipline, and punishments, including corporal punishments, were heavily used. A former inmate (1902-1906) reported of wooden planks, thick leather straps, whips and heavy paddles.[1]

In 1903, several newspapers reported that a spanking machine has been put to use at the Minnesota State Training School.[2][3][4]

Corporal punishment was officially outlawed at the school in 1947.

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