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Mija (sometimes known as Mija Perez), is an author of spanking stories. She is married to Pablo Stubbs, and several of her stories describe their life together, or aspects of it. Others are more or less based on her childhood experiences, or on situations she says that she observed as a child. The majority of her stories are M/f or M/F, and some of the latter involve ageplay. Schoolgirl discipline is a major theme in her work.

She and Pablo met via the newsgroup alt.sex.spanking and they moved their online activity to soc.sexuality.spanking when that newsgroup was created. She has served as a moderator of SSS for two separate two year terms, and has been the organizer of the Summer Story Contest once.

Mija and Pablo run the website The Treehouse, which hosts their stories and other spanking-related writings, as well as a few selected works by other writers.

"Mija" is a scene name or pen name. While she has given indications of her real name in some postings, this can not be considered well-established. In some cases she is also known as "Mijita", an affectionate diminutive of "Mija". Her background is american Latina, and Catholic school features in several of her stories and childhood accounts.

As of 2005, Mija was a graduate student in English.