McHale's Navy

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The spanking scene from "Babette, Go Home".

McHale's Navy is an American television sitcom series which ran for 138 half-hour episodes from October 11, 1962 to August 31, 1966 on the ABC network. It starred Ernest Borgnine, Tim Conway and Joe Flynn.

Set in the Pacific theatre of World War II, the show focused on the crew of PT-73, led by Lt. Commander Quinton McHale played by Borgnine.


In "Babette, Go Home" (season 2, 1965), Susan Silo plays Babette, a defiant, free-spirited French teenager who takes the PT boat out for a wild joyride. She accidentally launches a torpedo which explodes on the beach and crashes the boat into the dock, destroying a jeep in the process.

The spanking scene[edit]

Following the boat crashing incident, the next scene fades in to show the last few seconds of Babette's punishment. Her enraged father has her over his knee and spanks her hard as McHale and his fellow officers look on. We see the final three hand-smacks that concludes what appears to have been a lengthy session.

Susan Silo was also in the Bonanza episode "Woman of Fire" playing Joan Hackett's sister (Hackett gets an OTK punishment in this story).

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