Mary Catherine

From Spanking Art

Mary Catherine (more fully Mary Catherine Whitney but mostly known as simply Mary Catherine) is a U.S. author of spanking stories. The majority of these are part of a long series, focusing on a character also named "Mary Catherine" and "the Dean", more fully the Dean of Discipline at "St. Francis School for Girls", Andrew Michaels. These stories follow the character "Mary Catherine" as she grows up, endures school discipline, becomes an adult, discovers a taste for sexual submission, and eventually becomes Andrew's lover. As such some are M/f, and some M/F but the flavor of event the later stories remains somewhat M/f. There are several other continuing characters in the series. More than 20 stories in this series are currently (as of early 2006) available online, and others have been written but may not currently be available.

Many of her stories have been posted to the soc.sexuality.spanking newsgroup.