Marquis de Sade: Justine

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Marquis de Sade: Justine, also known as Deadly Sanctuary (U.S. title), Justine de Sade (French title) or just Justine, is a 1969 Italian drama film, directed by Jesús Franco. It is based on the novel Justine by the Marquis de Sade.

The spanking scene[edit]

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The film has a short spanking scene. Justine (Romina Power), expelled from the convent she grew up in, is robbed of all her gold by a priest who tricked her. Monsieur Du Harpin (Akim Tamiroff) agrees to give her shelter if Justine will work for him as a maid. Du Harpin treats her badly and takes away Justine's clothes to sell them, so Justine has to do the housework clad in nothing but a shirt (or nightshirt?) that barely covers her modesty.

Monsieur Derroches, Du Harpin's master, lives in the upper quarters. Seeing Justine's beauty, he invites her to sleep in his quarters and attempts to seduce, then to rape her. Justine manages to escape to Du Harpin, who makes light of the affair. He tells Justine to sneak in Derroches' rooms to steal a valuable gold amulet for him. When she refuses, he bends her over his lap and spanks her bottom with his hand (but not on the bare, although her flimsy state of dress would have invited this).

A video clip of this scene can be watched at SpankingTube.


Romina Power was 18 years old in this film role. In 1970 she married singer and actor Albano Carrisi, and the two became well known as the duo Al Bano and Romina Power with songs like "Felicità", "Sempre sempre", "Nostalgia Canaglia", and "Libertà".

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