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F/M spanking illustration by Franco.

Malesub, or male submission, refers to BDSM activities where the submissive partner is a male. The dominant partner is typically, but not always, female. In the F/M pairing, the term femdom is synonymous.

In consensual spanking, traditional roles of male dom and female sub are reversed. Thus, a husband or boyfriend looks to his partner for correction when he has broken a rule. Typically, there is a confession of a misdeed and punishment. The malesub asks his dominant partner to take a spanking implement to his bare buttocks. The scene may become a ritual between spanking partners, especially in a household.

The submission to an authority in a family setting heightens the humiliation for the spankee because tradition says he should be the spanker. Humiliation is reinforced by his naked body and other techniques, e.g. corner time.

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