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Illustration by Georges Topfer for Le Rêve d'un flagellant.
An elegant maledom image from Biederer Studio (c. 1930).

Maledom, or male dominance refers to BDSM activities where the dominant partner is a male. The word Maledom can also stand for male dominant, and a male dominant is sometimes called a dom for short.

The gender of the submissive partner is unspecified; it can be either a female or another male.

This is the opposite of Femdom where the dominant partner is female.

Maledom art and literature[edit]

Maledom BDSM fiction began with the works of the Marquis de Sade and is featured in novels such as the Story of O and the works of John Norman and Adrian Hunter. Maledom is also a growing adult film genre.

A few spanking magazines specialize in M/M (e.g. Bound and Gagged, Red Tails) or M/F (e.g. Blushes, Scorpion) art and stories.

Maledom play[edit]

Maledom play is very common; in many male-female BDSM partnerships the dominant partner is the male and the submissive partner is the female. M/F scenarios typically make use of the traditional roles of men and women in a patriarchic society; the man being an authority figure and the woman submitting to him.

The Gorean subculture, based on the long-running series of Gor science fiction novels by John Norman, is almost exclusively maledom/femsub.

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