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George Harrison Marks (6 August 1926 - 27 June 1997) was a British glamour photographer, publisher and editor of spanking magazines, maker of spanking films and occasional spanking actor.

Earlier in his career, he directed some of England's first nudist and "nudie cutie" exploitation films. (...)

When the editor of Janus died in 1980, Marks was invited to succeed him temporarily on the strength of his practical experience of producing Kamera. He stayed in the job for eighteen months, overseeing the magazine’s transient re-branding as New Derriere and taking the opportunity to publicise his growing catalogue of spanking films. ‘I met a lot of people who were into it [i.e. , spanking] and they are very intelligent, articulate and charming people,’ he explained in 1984. ‘I can remember a time when I thought they were all a bunch of nutters’. The work of other publishers in the field did not impress him: ‘They were slinging anything together because they thought they were selling to addicts who would buy rubbish. I thought to myself: “If I put out a magazine with good writing and good pictures that doesn’t insult the intelligence of these people, I must find a market.”’ (...)

In 1984 he shot his first Kane video, The Cane and Mr. Abel, starring celebrity model Linzi Drew. Another three videos followed (...)

A short, rotund man with a moustache, spectacles, and swept-back grey hair, Marks sometimes appeared in his spanking films, usually as himself, the editor of Kane (...) Marks released 101 spanking movies under the Kane International banner. After his death in 1997, the Kane spanking company was continued by his daughter Josie Harrison-Marks. (more...)

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