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A school uniform is the required clothing worn by students at certain schools. Customs and rules vary greatly from one country to another: in the United States, the majority of public schools do not require uniforms, but in Singapore they are compulsory at all schools, not only at primary and secondary level but also for students at post-secondary institutions. Secondary schools (to a much greater extent than primary schools) in the United Kingdom traditionally required very distinctive uniforms, and many of them still do. Many Commonwealth countries formerly part of the British Empire also continue this tradition, and South Korea has adopted it even though that was never a British territory. (...)

The schoolgirl ensemble, much like the cheerleader uniform, has become a popular object of erotic fantasy symbolizing youthful, innocent sex appeal. The uniform has been turned into everything from a best-selling Halloween costume to sexy stripper-wear for exotic dancers, as well as the preferred costume used by role-playing specialty prostitutes. (...)

The "naughty" schoolgirl is also the most frequently used character in fetish films involving bondage and corporal punishment. Virtually every producer of spanking videos features a line of titles involving uniformed schoolgirls who get punished for their misdeeds by a parent, teacher, or principal. Such is their popularity that a number of companies (Girls Boarding School, Headmaster's Office, Spanked Schoolgirl, et al.) are entirely devoted to producing only schoolgirl punishment videos. (more...)

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