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The Women in Prison (or WiP) film is a B-movie subgenre that emerged in the 1970s. It was inspired by the juvenile delinquent exploitation films of the '50s and the "roughie" sexploitation films of the late 1960s. In the '70s this genre was a staple of the low-budget drive-in and grindhouse circuit (along with shlocky blaxploitation, horror, and science fiction flicks).

WiP films continued well into the '80s as a mainstay of the emerging home video and direct-to-video industry that was hungry for cheaply made erotic thrillers loaded with nudity, sex and violence. By mid-decade the cliches and stereotypes of the genre became the subject of parody in campy comedies such as Jailbird Rock (1985), Slammer Girls (1986), Reform School Girls (1986) with Sybil Danning and Wendy O. Williams, and more recently in Prison-A-Go-Go! (2003), Sugar Boxx (2009), and Stuck! (2010). The Halfway House (2004) is a multi-genre spoof of the prison, slasher, nunsploitation, and occult horror genres that even includes a fetishistic paddling scene.

As mainstream prison films declined in the Nineties, the producers of underground adult, bondage, and S&M videos embraced the babes-behind-bars concept. Hundreds of prison-based porn and fetish videos have been created and the genre continues to thrive on the alternative film market. (more...)

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Struwelpetergeschichten page 20 detail.jpg A boy and girl are both getting the birch for quarrelling in a German children's book illustration from 1886.

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Venus Chastising Cupid
  • ...that Jean-Marc Nattier's painting Venus Chastising Cupid (1717) was sold for $134,500?
  • ...that one's head space alters during roleplay?
  • ...that to skelp means to beat or slap, especially the backside?
  • ...that Sophie, Comtesse de Ségur is among the most read writers of French children's fiction?
  • ...that Omorashi is the fetish of having to go... urgently!
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