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Guile A Handy Switch.jpg

A switch is a flexible stick or rod, used for corporal punishment. A spanking with a switch is called a switching.

A switch is normally made from recently cut, flexible branch or twig. A switch is always a single, flexible, thin implement. Multiple branches are rather called a birch or rod, a hollow rod is rather called a cane (note: rattan meets this criteria too since it is sponge-like hollow), an non-hollow, inflexible one a stick; a more advanced flexible implement a crop.

When used, a switch makes an ominous 'swoosh' sound, rather like a cane or whip, and can be agitated up and down quickly, so the lashes can rain down on the spankee. A switch is usually employed bare bottom so it can 'bite' the skin. (...)

A switch is an implement proving pretty much purely "sting" and no "thud". A switch can leave marks, most often welts, and if used strongly, can cut the skin leaving open wounds. (more...)

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