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A collaborative project to collect information on Spanking in Arts, Movies and Literature.
This wiki, started on May 8, 2005, has currently 3,456 articles and 3,973 images.

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A spreadeagle table (for lack of another name, a proper term is not yet known) is an item of BDSM/spanking furniture on which the bottom is laid horizontally in a spreadeagle position. The position itself is similar to staked out.

Usually such a table has a central surface from which four beams or boards extend, on which the bottom's arms and legs are placed and restrained (e.g. with straps, cuffs or rope). A spreadeagle table can look similar to a horizontal version of a St. Andrews Cross, but the central part is usually wider and straight to support the subject's torso and head. Also, spreadeagle tables are usually padded to be more comfortable to lie on. Vertical St. Andrews Crosses don't need such padding. (more...)

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Ruler for naughty boy's hands.jpeg Ruler for naughty boy's hands, drawing by Swatty (2000).

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Did you know...

  • ...that Sophie, Comtesse de Ségur is among the most read writers of French children's fiction?
  • ...that Omorashi is the fetish of having to go... urgently!
  • ...that Château de Blois in France has a spanking sculpture built into its walls?
  • ...that Spanktown is a real place, known by the Battle of Spanktown (1777)?
  • ...there is spanking in the cartoons of Tom and Jerry?
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