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Fetishistic maid outfit from the Yva Richard catalog. (c. 1920s-1930s)

A maid or maid servant (also known as a housegirl in Commonwealth english) is a female servant, working, and frequently, particularly in the past, living in their employer's house. The larger the house, and the wealthier the owner, the more maids and other servants would be employed.

Duties and comportment[edit]

Maids undertook a wide variety of tasks, cooking, cleaning, washing clothes, preparing food, serving meals and drinks, answering the door and greeting guests, or helping the lady of the house to dress. In many establishments a maid would specialise in some of these roles, and would work her way up an internal hierarchy, from being an under-maid or scullery maid, who did the dirtiest jobs, to the role of cook, housekeeper or ladies maid.

A maid would be required to be respectful of her employer's and their guests, often having to stand still when one came past, to curtsey in greeting, and to address them with terms such as Sir, Madam, My Lord or My Lady. The hierarchy among the servants could, if anything, be stricter than in their relationships with their employers.


Stage show at the Sleazy Cheezy nightclub in Edinburgh, Scotland (2006).

In the western world before the 1700s, domestic servants including maids did not usually wear any uniform: their clothes were simply those approriate to their class, of much cheaper making than those of their employers. But then in the course of the 18th and 19th century, special uniforms for domestic servants became the norm. A maid's uniform was often a white hat or headpiece, a black or gray dress and a white apron.

One popular erotic type is the French maid, in high heels, stockings and garter belt, short black dress showing the stocking tops, underlaid with lace petticoats, an apron and a cap. Many of these items would be decorated with white trim or lace.

Over the years this uniform has evolved into a highly fetishistic, almost iconic, ensemble that has been turned into everything from a seductive Halloween costume to sexual role playing attire.

Maids as sexual fantasy figures[edit]

A maid whips her mistress in a whimsical power exchange fantasy (c. 1900).
Two maids being birched (photo: Asa Jones, 2022).

The maid is one of the most popular figures in erotic literature and photography, pornographic films, and spanking fetish videos. Many of the earliest known corporal punishment photographs from the 19th century, as well as the first fetish films of the 1930s, show maids being spanked, whipped, and birched by their master or mistress. There are also a number of novels and storytelling photo-sets that include enemas as an additional punishment.

The master-and-maid scenario comes from the universal fantasy of having a compliant, domestic sex slave (even when the sex is only implied). This young and attractive servant, often wearing a doll-like uniform, is generally portrayed as a powerless sexual play-thing, easily manipulated and constantly under control. She timidly serves her employer performing demeaning and humiliating chores and lives in fear of being punished or taken advantage of.

This dynamic can also be reversed, as a humorous or subversive power exchange scenario, with the maid in charge, forcing her mistress to submit to a thrashing and/or an enema.

Maids in spanking art[edit]

In spanking art, maids are found in spankee roles (e.g. M/F or F/F) as well as in spanker roles (e.g. F/F, F/m or F/f).

Maids in fetish films[edit]

Fetishistic maid lingerie promo, with spanking, by Agent Provocateur.

A clumsy maid is caned in the German TV series Klimbim (1973).

The Lazy Maid, amateur short film with bondage and spanking done in a vintage 1950s style.
French photo of maid discipline erotica from Ostra Studio (c. 1930s).
Illustration from Trente ans by N. Carman (1928).
"Strafe vom hübschen Dienstmädchen" (punishment from the pretty maid), birching drawing by Richard Hegemann, 1932.
Maid illustration by Carlo (c. 1930s).


Madison Young in The Sloppy Maid (Chanta's Bitches).
A Japanese model in a scanty 'sexy maid' costume.

Many of the earliest known fetish and pornographic stag films use maids as sexual fantasy figures. In the 1930s Ostra Studio in France produced The Broken Vase, a short silent film of a mistress spanking a clumsy maid. This and another vintage maid film can be viewed at the Internet Archive.

In the 1950s Irving Klaw produced several maid-related film loops. In Domineering Roz Strikes Back, the chastised maid is played by fetish icon Betty Page. (Video available at YouTube.)

The Lazy Maid is a spanking video producer based in County Longford, Ireland, specializing in maid punishment videos (website).

Below is a selected list of spanking videos involving maids.

Maid videos at xHamster and Spanking Tube[edit]

A selection of free video clips and complete films available for viewing at the xHamster website.

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