Mafia Princess

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Mafia Princess is a television film directed by Robert E. Collins that was first aired in 1986.


The film is based on the real autobiography of Antoniette Giancana, the daughter of the mafia boss Salavatore 'Sam' Giancana. The story focuses on her troubled relationship with her father from when she was a child (1935) to 1975 when she was a woman in her 40s.

The spanking scene[edit]

Spoiler warning

Antoniette as a little girl (Marsha Moreau) tries to show she's a good child by dusting off the living room, as told by her mama. Her daddy watches her, friendly smiling. When she gets to an elegant porcelain figurine of a dancer, she makes a sweet attempt to copy the figurine's pose. Then she attempts a pirouette and accidentally breaks the thing. Her father's mood changes from relaxed to furious in a matter of a second. He grabs Antoniette by the nape of her neck (while she helplessly says "No, dad! I'm sorry!"), pulls her over his lap and spanks her a couple of times hard on the seat of her dress (M/f). Crying, she runs into her mother's arms, who comforts her.