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MIB Productions (also known as MIB ProMedia LLC) is an American BDSM and spanking video producer based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It focuses on femdom material and is run by the dominatrix Ms Irene Boss. "MIB" stands for "MultiMedia Internet Business". 200+ films have been produced by MIB Productions.

Irene Boss also runs the BDSM pay site Domboss.com with "178 hours+ of extreme downloadable Fem Dom and Lesbian Bondage video content". 90 days membership costs $ 49.95, as of 02/2014. Most of her material is malesub (F/M) but some is also femsub (F/F).

Irene Boss began film production in 1995. She was a "Sublime Lady" of the Other World Kingdom (OWK), a large femdom organization in the Czech Republic. The OWK was the first company to distribute her videos on a large scale.