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MF/mf (or MF/bg) is a pairing of child spanking art that involves two adult spankers (one male, one female) and two minor spankees (one male, one female).

Apart from that, there is no exact consensus as to the meaning of this pairing notation. Some use it to mean a man spanking a boy while a woman spanks a girl at the same time — corresponding to the first position before the slash spanking corresponding with the first position after the slash —. In spanking images, this results in two spankings in one piece.

Others use this notation to mean there are two spankees who are spanked by both spankers, but not necessarily at the same time, just within the same piece. This is a more common usage in spanking stories.

The twins had been warned several times at the family picnic. Now they were back home and being lectured by their parents.

"You shamed us in front of the entire family." said their mother.

"All of your cousins – Jamie and Alana and Dustin and Katrina – behaved properly." said their father. "What is wrong with you two?" he demanded.

The two stood mute. Even if they had an answer they had long ago learnt that silence and starting shamefaced at the floor was the safest option. But that would not prevent the wheel of parental justice turning and crushing all in their path.

"Get the chairs." said father.

"And the hairbrush and paddle." added their mother.

Three minutes later the parents were sitting side by side (a couple of meters apart). Father held the paddle and mother the hairbrush. (It was good enough for my mother, it's good enough for me she thought.)

Sebastian stepped to his father's side and opened his belt and pants and pushed them down along with his briefs. He did not resist as his father positioned him and clamped him into the OTK position. Simultaneously, his sister, Sharon, dropped her skirt and pushed down her panties. She was immediately in position over her mother's lap. The twins eyes met briefly in mutual understanding.

Both the paddle and the hair brush were raised and lowered on the targets many times until both targets were hot and crimson. For each pained cheek there was a eye overflowing with tears. As the implements rained down so did the lectures emphasizing their mis-deeds.

"We'll not have any of this getting along together. You will fight like all proper brothers and sisters do."
  — Proper Sibling Behavior


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