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Mérette is a French television film that was first aired in 1982.


Spoiler warning

Mérette (12) is a pretty girl living within a patrician, strictly Calvinist family in 19th century Switzerland. When her mother dies, Mérette loses faith in God, which makes her family and the villagers turn against her. Pastor Magnoux (Jean Bouise) decides to take care of the girl but drives her into even deeper isolation.

The nudity scene[edit]

Mérette trips and falls into a pond. So she strips out of her wet clothes and runs naked into the pond. When she spots a group of other kids (four boys and another girl) walking by, she waves for them to join her into the pond, which they do. The scene finishes with all of them dancing around naked in the grass by the pond.

The spanking scenes[edit]

The film also contains three spanking scenes, all (M/f). One is Mérette, clothed in her nightshirt, caned in the side-of-bed position, crying "Aah". That caning is interrupted by a woman. Another caning of Mérette is off-screen. Right after the nude scene, Mérette is caned again, outside, the same women stops it. Also, in one scene in the movie, Mérett believes she will get a spanking, so she brings the cane to the priest who she lives with, however, she does not get caned this time.