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Vintage nude photo.
Captive girl on bondage bench (Ostra Studio, c. 1930s).

The lying position, sometimes also called lying prostrate or the prone position, is a spanking position. In this position, the spankee simply lies face-down on a bed, couch, trestle bench, massage table or similar horizontal support. The spankee may also lie on the floor and be spanked from above. The lying position was also used in judicial corporal punishment, for examples see birching table and gonjang.

A cushion, pile of cushions, pillow, bolster, or rolled-up blanket can be placed under the spankee's pelvis to make the spankee's buttocks stick up higher for a better spanking. Often, two to three of such cushions are needed for a satisfactory "push up" effect. This also makes clenching difficult for the spankee, so the spanking will be delivered to relaxed buttocks. For greater comfort, also padding under the ankles can be good.

The lying position offers a number of possibilities for placing the spankee's hands. If a pad is used, the spankee can also be ordered to put his/her hands under this pad to a) keep them out of the way, and b) lift the spankee's bottom up even higher.

The spankee's legs can be kept together or he/she can be positioned spread-eagled. The position can be enforced either just through verbal instruction or by means of physical restraints such as rope, straps, cuffs, or spreader bars. A bondage table or spreadeagle table can be used.

All lying positions are well suited for using a whipping (or any other) implement.

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Charles Guyette photo of table-bound slave. (c. 1930s)
  • The spanker can first sit down in the center of a couch or the side of bed (further back than when spanking OTK), and then place the spankee sideways over his/her lap. This is similar to the over-the-knee position, but with the spankee in a horizontal position, upper body and legs resting on the bed/couch. This can be more comfortable for both the spankee and the spanker, as it takes much of the spankee's weight from the spanker's lap and from the spankee's stomach.
  • The tucked-under-the-arm position is similar, but here the spanker sits at an angle and the spankee is tucked under the spanker's arm so that his/her waist-up is behind the spanker.
  • The jackknife position is a variant with the spankee's torso and legs at an angle forming an "A".

Medical terms[edit]

Still from underground stag reel (c. 1967).

The following terms might be of interest for medical play:

  • Lying face-down is also known as prone position, whereas lying face-up is known as supine position.
  • Lying on the right side is known as right lateral recumbent (RLR), and left lateral recumbent (LLR) vice versa.
  • The (dorsal) lithotomy position is a common position for surgical procedures and medical examinations involving the pelvis and lower abdomen. The patient is laid on the back with knees bent, positioned above the hips, and spread apart through the use of stirrups.

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