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I absolutely love these stories. There's just one problem: they're almost too good. Melody means well and tries so hard (well, most of the time :-), and often I'm rooting for her not to be spanked. I sometimes identify with her so strongly that I just want her to be loved and cuddled, not spanked.
  Laura on "Melody's Stories"

Lurking Dragon is an author of girl spanking novels and stories.

Spanking novels and series[edit]

Lurking Dragon's best-known work is the spanking novel Melody's Stories, a series of 63 girl spanking stories on the life of a penitatas named Melody, published in 1998-2002. Other series are Hell (1998) and Collegegirl (1999).

Melody's Stories introduced the Rejuve Universe, a fictional future world (28th century) invented by Lurking Dragon, in which the technology of rejuvenation (changing the body of an adult back into a child's body) is common and used "not only to extend life but as a punishment for criminal behavior". Rejuvenated criminals are sentenced to live as penitatas in the custody of new "parents", where they will get spanked a lot. The Rejuve Universe was so popular among fans that it has spawned new stories by other authors also. In addition, many online roleplay games have been set in the Rejuve Universe.

All of Lurking Dragon's various series involved the spankings and other punishments of girls who are mentally adult, but whose bodies are those of children. In the Melody's Stories, this is achieved via "rejuvenation". In the Collegegirl series, the person being spanked is a child-prodigy, and in Hell, the protagonist relives childhood scenes while in hell.

Spanking stories[edit]

Spanking stories by Lurking Dragon include The Cabin Boy.

Lurking Dragon's spanking stories are widespread in newsgroups; some are also archived on Laura's Spanking Corner and boyzbeingboyz.