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Chastising a convict-girl.

Lupercal is an Anglo-Australian writer of CP fiction, dealing primarily with the discipline of young adult females in formal judicial and institutional settings.

Titles include "Bobbie", set in the fictitious West African nation of Yurandi and featuring the public caning of a delinquent 19-year-old for theft, arson and crimes against public morals; "Gammon And Tripe", the story of a young prostitute severely birched at Bridewell over the accidental death of a client; as well as numerous schoolgirl fantasies and a series of stories set in the imaginary island nation of Oakwood.

Lupercal's detailed and highly sexualised CP scenarios, with their focus on codified ritual and formal severity, evoke an atmosphere of stern, dispassionate authority variously described as exciting, compelling and, at times, outright frightening in its intensity.

Lupercal has, in the past, been a contributor to the soc.sexuality.spanking and newsgroups. He was joint winner of the 2000 s.s.s. short story contest, historical section. More recently his stories can be found at the British Spanking Forum site and archived at the Library of Spanking Fiction.

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  • Lupercalia (an ancient Roman festival that involved whipping)