Lucky Star

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Lucky Star is a 1929 American silent film directed by Frank Borzage starring Janet Gaynor.


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The film is a romantic drama. Poor farm girl Mary Tucker (Janet Gaynor) and Timothy Osborn (Charles Farrell), a handsome young man, meet as the news of the outbreak of World War I comes in. Tim enlists as a soldier. He is wounded in Europe and loses the use of his legs. Back home, the two fall in mutual love, but complications follow.

The spanking scene[edit]

The film has a scene in which Tim spanks Mary. The spanking is outdoors, brisk and OTK. Afterwards he rubs his hand and she rubs her bottom.

Farrell was 29 and Gaynor was 23 years old when this film was made. The two actors starred together in a total of twelve movies. Gaynor had won the Academy Award for Best Actress for three other films in 1927 and 1928.

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