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Love Camp 7 (1968) is a groundbreaking sexploitation film directed by R. L. (Lee) Frost. It was written and produced by R. W. (Bob) Creese who also plays a major role as the camp commandant. This independent, low-budget film was released by Olympic International. The cast includes Maria Lease, Kathy Williams, Natasha Steel, Carolyn Appelby, Shelly Martin and well-known exploitation producer David F. Friedman. (Note: Although many film sources list this as a 1969 release, the actual film credits show 1968.)

Set in a Nazi-run brothel during World War II, this "grindhouse" classic is considered to be the first Nazi exploitation film ever made. However, it would be six years before the genre was firmly established with Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS in 1974 (produced by David F. Friedman under an alias).

Love Camp 7 is also the forerunner of scores of brutal Women in Prison films, a B-movie exploitation subgenre that emerged in the early seventies and remained popular for two decades.


Love Camp 7 is a military prison in Germany where attractive Jewish women are kept and used as sex slaves for high-ranking officers in the Third Reich. Two undercover WAC officers (Maria Lease, Kathy Williams) allow themselves to be captured and sent to the camp in order to rescue an important female scientist being held there.

As prisoners they endure an invasive medical exam from a cruel lesbian doctor, sadistic guards, and various sexual degradations. Lease gets four hard strokes of a riding crop across her back and a particularly severe belt lashing. They also witness a prisoner forced to straddle a painful Spanish horse (most likely the first time that device has appeared on film) and boot-licking humiliation.

The film is packed with scenes of nudity, rough groping, sadism, simulated sex (even in bed, the men keep their pants on), a lesbian orgy, and a wild sex party that turns into a violent blood-bath when partisans attack the camp.

Although this Hollywood-made film is crudely directed on a shoestring budget, it boasts color film, synchronized sound, a detailed plot, and authentic looking period costumes and vehicles. This stands in contrast to their New York contemporaries who were making gritty black & white "roughies" like In Hot Blood without live sound, costumes or sets.

The spanking scene[edit]

The Maria Lease character deliberately misbehaves in order to get sent to the detention room where the scientist is being held. During a group sex scene where she is being roughly handled by a German officer, she fights back, calling him a "Nazi pig." A guard drags the naked girl away and ties her hands behind her back. Her arms are then pulled upward with a rope and pulley, forcing her to bend forward. (This was a favorite method used by the Gestapo during interrogations.)

The guard then takes off his wide leather belt and beats her ass with it. Around thirty hard smacks are applied, covering her backside with red welts. The impacts of half the strokes are seen in profile and back view. This is one of the most severe and explicit punishment scenes to appear in an exploitation film.

A video excerpt can seen seen at Cut Scenes. A preview trailer which includes part of the above scene is available at the Internet Archive.

The spanking scene can also be viewed at the xHampster archive. The complete film can be viewed online at Veehd.

Photos are available at the BDSM Movie Review site.

Other exploitation films[edit]

All the principals in this movie: Frost, Creese, Friedman, and Williams, have played a significant role in the development of the so-called "roughie" exploitation (or sexploitation) genre of the sixties and seventies.

David Friedman produced one of the earliest "nudie cutie" features, The Prime Time (1959) featuring skinny-dipping and a violent cat-fight. His sexploitation films with spanking scenes include: The Defilers (1965), directed by Frost, The Ribald Tales of Robin Hood and Thar She Blows (both 1969). Some of his many films featuring harsh whippings include The Head Mistress, The Lustful Turk with Kathy Williams, Brand of Shame, (all 1968), and The Ramrodder (1969), also with Williams in a particularly severe and erotic flogging scene.

Working together, R. Lee Frost and Bob Cresse made many influential roughies with sadistic scenes of corporal punishment. These include: Love is a Four Letter Word (1966), Mondo Bizarro and Mondo Freudo (both 1966), nudie Western Hot Spur (1968), and The Pick-Up (1968). Frost also directed Slaves in Cages (1971) and the controversial Poor Cecily (1973).

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