Louis Malteste

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Louis Malteste
Frontispiece to the novel novel Petite Dactylo by Sadie Blackeyes (Pierre Dumarchey, 1914).
En pénitence, watercolour illustration by Louis Malteste for the novel Confidences égarées by Liane de Lauris (1932).

Louis Malteste (1862-1928) was a french author and illustrator from the period of early 20th century French spanking literature. Among other genres, he is well known for his female spanking art and erotic flagellation drawings. He drew both adult and child spanking art to illustrate F/F and F/f spanking stories. Occasionally he also created M/f, M/m and M/F works. Among other techniques he worked in lithography and photogravure.


Malteste was born on 14 September 1862 in Chartres (Eure-et-Loir). He lived and worked in Paris, where he exhibited in 1897 at the Salon des Cent, and in 1902 at the Salon de la Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts. He worked for humorous publications, such as L'Assiette au beurre, Le Chat noir, Je sais tout, Lectures pour tous, and Qui lit rit, and created posters and postcards. ". He was also published in La Plume in 1897.[1]

Louis Malteste also used the pseudonym Ignotus, and under the pen name Jacques d'Icy, he wrote spanking novels such as Monsieur Paulette et ses épouses (1921) or Paulette Trahie (Paulette Betrayed, 1922). His first two books were entitled Qui aime bien (1912) and Châtie bien (1913). (Qui aime bien châtie bien - "Who loves well, punishes well" is a french proverb that roughly corresponds to the english Spare the rod and spoil the child).

Malteste died on 25 January 1928 in Paris.


Malteste's style evolved with time and some of his works are extremely realistically drawn in terms of faces, proportions, light and shade, while other, mostly older works, are less realistic. Some of Malteste's works were obviously created based on photographs — for an example see the article creative tracing.

Malteste hardly ever used colour but is a master of greyscale shading and texture.


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Gallery 1: known novels[edit]

Gallery 2: unknown novels[edit]

Gallery 3: children's stories[edit]

These are illustrations by Louis Malteste for mainstream children's stories which also include spanking scenes. Perhaps his earliest such works were the spark for his later career as a spanking story illustrator.


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