Lori Sanchez

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Lori Sanchez is one of The Depantsing Queens, a closeknit group of young women, now in college, who grew up in the Chicago area and attended high school there. She is the cousin of Anna Sanchez.

Raised in Texas, she was a recipient of school corporal punishment, having had the paddle applied to her buttocks.

In an interview with Becky Romero for a web-published article about school corporal punishment, Lori stated that students at her school were required to bend in the grasp-your-ankles position for their paddling. This would often humiliate female students who were wearing thong underwear underneath their skirt.

In order to avoid exposing themselves, Lori said her classmates would claim they were menstruating that day. However, she said a male assistant principal at her school became so tired of female students claiming that they were menstruating in order to avoid being paddled, that he kept a chart in his office to predict the menstruation cycle of girls he suspected were lying simply in order to postpone their paddling.