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London Enterprises Ltd. (aka London Video) is a major producer of fetish/BDSM magazines and movies (BDSM and spanking videos) which are marketed through their Lyndon Distributors division. The company is based in Van Nuys, California.

Style and content[edit]

Kiri Kelly, watercolor based on cover art for Sorority Hell Night. (Jameslovebirch, 2012).

Since the mid-eighties London had produced scores of titles on bondage and spanking with an emphasis on BDSM stories. The majority of their videos feature standard F/F "whips and chains" scenarios in which a dungeon mistress submits her female slaves to paddling, flogging, and breast torment.

There are only a handful of non-bondage titles strictly devoted to spanking punishments, often in a domestic or school setting. These include: Maid for Spanking, Girl's School Spanking, Sorority Spank, and Spanked Sluts.

The same dungeon set, equipped with elaborate bondage and suspension devices, was used time and again in countless stories. The plots generally revolve around the recurring themes of abduction, blackmail, and revenge. London also produced historical costume dramas and science fiction tales set in the future.

Despite the repetitive stories and sets, London – along with its sister company House of Milan – maintained a slick, consistent production style that set the industry standard for bondage-discipline videos in the 1990s. They also led the way in developing more expansive stories, offering action-packed tales with an average length of 60 minutes – twice the length of most of their contemporaries.

In addition to creating longer, more ambitious stories, the company was also a pioneer in mounting fairly lavish period-piece costume dramas. Among the many tales set in various historical periods are Slaves of Rome, Bondage in the Bastille, Slaves of the Pirate Queen, Naughty Maidens, Tower of Lyndon, and Witchfinder. They even did a futuristic science fiction story, Slavegirl of Zor.


Popular Domme actress Alexis Payne was frequently cast, playing essentially the same dominatrix character in Crossing the Limit, Dungeon Daydreams, Exposed and Flogged, Faces of Payne, I Submit, Queen of the Lash, and other features. The equally domineering Sharon Mitchell and Be Be LeBadd also played mostly dominatrix roles in many titles as well.

Other well-known perfomers made regular appearances as submissive slaves or captives such as Ashley Renee (the busty actress specialized in breast torment scenarios), Tanya Foxx, Kiri Kelly, Greta Carlson, porn star June Bauer, Patricia Kennedy, Star Chandler, Desi d'Angelo, and Fawna (aka Tori Sinclair).

Bettie Page[edit]

In 1984 London was also largely responsible for reviving interest in '50s fetish icon Bettie Page with the release of Irving Klaw Bondage Classics. This two-volume VHS video contained 28 rare 8mm bondage-spanking film-loops created by Irving Klaw. Half of these silent stag films featured Page playing a dominatrix or a bound captive. (In 2005 this VHS set was released on a single DVD by Cult Epics retitled Bettie Page: Bondage Queen.)

Spanking magazines[edit]

Starting in the 1980s, the company's Lyndon Distributors Ltd. division began publishing spanking magazines. Some, such as Spank Hard, edited by Eve Howard since issue #3, consist of stories and posed photographs. Other magazines that follow this format are Art of Spanking, Corporal Dreams, Over the Knee Spanking, Red Cheeks, Red Cheeks Bonanza, Red Butts, Spanked, Spanker's Guide, Spanker's Portfolio, and Spanker's World.

A secondary line of magazines was designed to cross-promote and serve as a companion piece to their videos releases. These magazines contain only still photos and text that relates to the films.

Merger with House of Milan[edit]

In 1998, London purchased rival video company House of Milan (HOM Inc.) and reissued HOM's titles under their name. This has created some confusion among collectors — especially since both companies produced dozens of nearly identical videos using the same actresses. Some of the HOM videos re-released on DVD can be identified if "London Video Presents" or "From the London Library" appears before the title credits.

The company continues to sell their products from their Lyndon Distributors web site.

Titles featuring Ashley Renee[edit]

  • Assume the Position
  • Bondage Cheerleaders - 1991 (Alexis Payne)
  • Bondage Society   
  • Bound For Stardom - 1992
  • Contract - 1995
  • Club Sadismo - 1992
  • Company Business - 1994
  • Crossing The Limit - 1997
  • Disciplinary Action - 1999
  • Dungeon Daydreams (2001)
  • Dungeon Dementia - 1995
  • Exposed and Flogged - 1995 (Alexis Payne)
  • Faces of Payne - 1999 (Alexis Payne)
  • Felicia's Fantasies - 1994
  • Forbidden Territory - 1999
  • Gang Bang Bitches - 1996
  • I Submit - 2000
  • Jane Bondage is Captured - 1993 (Marilyn Rose, Fawna), video at Xhampster
  • Kidnapped Debutantes - 1997
  • Melissa's Wish - 1993
  • Naughty Maidens
  • No Mercy for Ashley - 1999
  • Perils of Jane Bondage - 1991 (June Bauer)
  • Picture Me Bound - 1995
  • Queen of the Lash - 1993 (Alexis Payne)
  • Seized and Controlled - 2000
  • Slaves of Alexis Payne
  • S/M Suite - 1996
  • Spy Academy - 1996
  • Submission of Ashley Renee - 1995
  • Sweet Surrender - 1999
  • Tortured Beauties - 2001
  • Tower of Lyndon (1994), Greta Carlson, Ashley Renee, BeBe LeBadd (video at Xhampster)
  • Winner Takes All
  • Within Earshot - 1998

Titles featuring Greta Carlson[edit]

  • 6600 Lash Lane - 1993
  • Bedford Wives - 1994
  • Cult of the Whip - 1995
  • Company Business - 1994
  • Don't Mess with the Mistress - 1997
  • Greta's Confessions - 1995
  • Lair of the Bondage Bandits - 1991
  • Maid for Spanking - 1997 (watch video online)
  • Queen of Dominance - 1997
  • S/M Nightmare - 1997
  • Spellbound - 1999 (June Bauer)
  • Spies - 1999
  • Stocks and Bonds - 1990 (June Bauer)
  • Tales from the Whip - 1991 (Kiri Kelly, Sharon Mitchell, June Bauer)
  • Tortured Slut - 2002
  • Whip That Ass
  • Worms - 2000
  • Wrecked Rendezvous - 1997

Misc titles[edit]

  • Bondage Boot Camp (Kiri Kelly, Sharon Mitchell, BeBe LeBadd)
  • Bondage Club (series) - 1988
  • Bondage in the Bastille - 1992
  • Born to Serve (Alexis Payne, Star Chandler)
  • Boss Bitch in Bondage - 1992 (Sharon Mitchell)
  • Bound & Tortured (Alexis Payne, BeBe LeBadd)
  • Captive Coeds - 1996
  • Corporal Dreams - 1998
  • The Disciplinarians - 1996 (Star Chandler)
  • Disciplined Daughter
  • Feel My Sting - 1995 (Sharon Mitchell)
  • Girl's School Spanking
  • Girls in Prison
  • Hellfire Society - 1992
  • Irving Klaw Bondage Classics (2 vols.) - 1984 (Irving Klaw)
  • Kidnapped by Pirates - 1995 (Sharon Kane, BeBe LeBadd)
  • Kiss My Whip
  • Maid for Tears
  • Miss Bondwell's Reformatory (1993), complete video
  • The Obedience School
  • The Other End of the Whip - 1993 (BeBe LeBadd), video at Xhampster
  • Prisoners in the House from Hell (Alexis Payne)
  • Prisoner of Payne (Alexis Payne)
  • Prisoners of Treachery - 1990 (Kiri Kelly)
  • Ravaged Buns - 2003 (Francesca Le)
  • Red Ass Inc. - 2000
  • Renegade Bitch - 2001 (Lena Ramon)
  • Sentenced to Bondage - 1990 (Kiri Kelly, BeBe LeBadd, Desi d'Angelo, Tiffany Storm)
  • Sex Slave (Alexis Payne)
  • Slavegirl of Zor (Alexis Payne), 1995
  • Slave Traders - 1997
  • Slaves of Rome (Desi d'Angelo)
  • Slaves of the Pirate Queen (Desi d'Angelo, Star Chandler)
  • Slave's Ordeal - 1999 (Star Chandler)
  • Sorority Hell Night - 1990 (Kiri Kelly, Tanya Foxx)
  • Sorority Spank - 2002 (Francesca Le)
  • Spanked Sluts - 2001
  • Speak no Evil
  • Spoiled Sluts for the Dungeon Mistress - 1991 (Alexis Payne)
  • Stolen Fantasies (Alexis Payne)
  • Tales from the Whip - 1991 (Kiri Kelly, Sharon Mitchell, June Bauer), photos, preview
  • Taming of June Bauer - 1991
  • Training by Torture
  • Trial By Bondage - 1991
  • Whip for Hire
  • White Slavery
  • The Witchfinder (1989), Misty Regan, Renee Summers, photos and preview
  • Witch's Ordeal - photos, previews

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