Loïc Dubigeon

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Loïc Dubigeon was a French artist (1934, Nantes - 2001, Derchigny-Graincourt) who created erotic BDSM art, including spanking art. His art is focusing on the female submissive, i.e. woman spanking art. Besides flagellation and bondage, he also liked to draw fetish, female masturbation, oral and anal sex scenes. His erotic art is mainly black and white drawings, very explicit, detailed and close to photorealism. In this respect, his technique can be compared to that of Parris Quinn (Shadow and Light).

However his erotic art was only a part of his entire oeuvre. Dubigeon also did oil paintings, watercolors, collages and worked in many other styles and genres. He had exhibitions in major cities such as Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Madrid, Oslo, Hamburg, Vienna, New York and San Francisco. His art was published in several albums and books.

Works (books)[edit]

  • Cent dessins pour illustrer Histoire d'O, 114 pages, Club Du Livre Secret, 1981
  • Punitions. Nouveaux Dessins Pour Histoire D'o., 55 pages, Club Du Livre Secret
  • Douces Violences, 56 pages, Club Du Livre Secret, 1990
  • De Slavinnen
  • Desseins, 14 pages, Éd. Clarisse
  • Soumission/Submission, Creation Art Presse, 1994/1995
  • SM Comix Illustrations (Submission, #32), Carton Comics, 1994, ASIN B000VLO1VM
  • Retour De Roissy, Editions Astarte, 1995, ISBN 2909607062
  • Manuel De Civilite À L'usage Des "grandes" Filles, 98 pages, éditions Astarté , 1997
  • De l’aube à la nuit (Andréa Lafarge/Loïc Dubigeon), 1998, ISBN 2911621360
  • Sweet Submission, Last Gasp, ISBN 0867194545
  • Sweet Submission 2, 64 pages, Priaprism Press, 1999; Last Gasp, 2003, ISBN 0867194863