Little Ida

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The spanking scene from Little Ida.

Little Ida (original title Liten Ida, also known as Growing Up) is a 1981 movie from Norway, directed by Laila Mikkelsen.

The movie is based on the Norwegian scriptwriter Marit Paulsen's childhood memories.


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The movie's setting is Norway in World War II. Little Ida's mother (Lise Fjeldstad) is working for the Germans as a POW camp cook and has a love affair with an SS-officer belonging to the German occupying forces. Ida (Sunniva Lindekleiv) is experiencing the problems of having a mother who is involved with the enemy: other children and adults are turning their backs on them. Ida is trying in vain to make friends and social contacts.

The spanking scene[edit]

In one scene, Ida runs to her mother, who is busy working in the camp kitchen, to ask for a bar of candy. When her mother repeatedly tells her to be quiet and go away, Ida finally tells that she has seen "they" (the Germans, probably) beat the camp's prisoners ("beat and beat"). Her mother throws her out of the kitchen and tells her to go straight home. In the next scene, we see Ida at home getting spanked. The camera only shows her mother's and Ida's face. Ida cries and says that she is sorry; her mother tells her "You haven't seen anything."