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Externally hosted image on Handprints: Little Dot


Externally hosted image on Handprints: Little Dot

Little Dot was a comic book character published by Harvey Comics between 1949 and 1982, and then sporadically until 1994. A little girl obsessed with dots, spots and round, colorful objects, Dot first appeared in 1949 as a supporting feature in Sad Sack and by 1953 was given her own series, joining Harvey's growing cast of child-oriented comedy characters. The title lasted almost three decades and introduced several other popular headliners (including Little Lotta and Richie Rich) as back page fillers. Another spinoff title which ran for thirteen years was Little Dot's Uncles & Aunts, about the adventures of Dot's impossibly extended family, each with an obsessive interest of their own.

A number of sources - including Don Markstein's Toonopedia - have described Little Dot as a 'one note character,' citing the strip's apparent reliance on formulaic gags and repetitious images (i.e. Dot's dots). This is something of an over-simplification; Dot's storylines involved a considerable amount of slapstick humor and domestic comedy, often quite unrelated to the strip's signature theme. Like her in-house contemporary Little Audrey, Dot frequently found herself at odds with parents, teachers and other representatives of DotTown's adult population, often to the inhabitants' mutual exasperation.

Dot's adventures featured intermittent spanking imagery, usually the consequence of a domestic dispute with one of her parents (most often her mother). Following the visual conventions of the period, Dot was normally depicted being spanked on the panties (bare bottomed depictions being extremely rare in Code-approved comics). In recent years, Little Dot has experienced a minor revival within the online spanking community, particularly amongst older respondents with fond memories of Harvey's long running children's titles.

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